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I didn't know I'd need it, but this past spring I realized a real need for a booster in my car. We needed a seat for carpools and playdates... and just an extra, lightweight, easy to transport seat. I tried and tested. Borrowed and browsed. I didn't like too much of what I saw. Pretty quickly I narrowed down my wants by eliminating all that weren't … [Read more...]

Honestly, I don't care what it is. Because if someone says "free" I'm there. And this time, Fisher Price said it. In an e-mail. Free. The F-word. So what if its a commercialized video that's not as hunky dory, lovey dovey as our usual weekday morning distractions? Its F-R-E-E. Planet Heroes totally fits the the 4-year-old mindset. Filled with space … [Read more...]

Travel can be scary for little people. Having a fuzzy pal along for the ride can make all the difference in the world. Milo and Gabby Cozy Companions are the perfect size and shape pillow/stuffed animal hybrid to take to Grandma's on a car trip or really anywhere you travel. The plush characters feature purselike handles to make toting simple. They … [Read more...]

In a little under two weeks time, I will be leaving on a roadtrip with my husband, four children, and all of you! We'll be blogging and vlogging from the road, reviewing travel gear and kids' products, as well as ideas for family travel. I can't wait to go, and hope we'll all have a great time. As we prepare, I could a little help from you. We'd … [Read more...]

I was just sharing with friends that I happen to have a lot of white in my closet this summer. White is such a fresh, crisp look, plus its attention getting and you can accessorize with anything and everything. So if you're pregnant and want to crisp-up your wardrobe, check out the Monaco dress by Isabella Oliver (currently 10% off). This chic look … [Read more...]

If you are looking for a lightweight double stroller that has many bells and whistles, then you are going to LOVE Valco Baby's Latitude for Two Twin Stroller ($480).This side by side double is a winner because of the terrific suspension, full coverage sunshade, quick recline, huge storage basket, compact fold (reverse book fold) and adjustable … [Read more...]

I've got a new favorite diaper/stroller bag. If you haven't heard of Gitta Bags, you've got to get with it! It's rare to find a bag that is so practical and still fabulously funky. With so many cookie cutter/copycat designs out there, Gitta bags are refreshing. And they are more than up to the tough task of taking care of your kids stuff and … [Read more...]

When I had my son, my husband became abnormally concerned with what diaper bag I was choosing. His thinking - he might end up carrying it and didn’t want to be stuck with anything remotely girly. DadGear offers the perfect solution. Functional diaper bags for dads. Most importantly, they don’t look like a traditional diaper bag. They come … [Read more...]

A new, fun, rockin'-in-our-car favorite this week, The Terrible Twos Band released Jerzy the Giant today. A mix of indie rock with classic, these fun songs get the kids dancing and singing. The boys' hands down favorite, Great Big Poop, is certainly not mine (though I do have to admit, that I love hearing the belly laughs as we listen to a whole … [Read more...]

I'm excited to announce that I've lost 20 pounds on Weight Watchers! I feel better and in control. While I'm not at my goal weight yet, I am on my way. I don't feel deprived, because I can still enjoy myself with foods I like (I just have to watch my portions). My husband and I recently went to Montreal and I was able to stay on plan. I enjoyed … [Read more...]