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I'm not typically one to "ooh" and "ahh" over skincare products. But these products from Bella il Fiore definitely gained some of my attention when they came. In fact, a friend was over when they arrived, and I made her smell them several times (to the point of possible annoyance). But I really couldn't get over how wonderfully amazing the … [Read more...]

Here's why my boys like their new Mini Plaja Pets: "They're magnetic and they have magnets in them." They've taken their set of magnetic switcharoo plush animals and made games of them. Each animal (we have 6) are sectioned in 3 pieces: body, head and tail. And for a lot of kids, the fun is in switching head and tails to make a new creature, like … [Read more...]

Here's another ingenious product I picked up recently at the ABC Kids show. The Banana Brush! I was on the monorail back to the hotel, talking to another show attendee, and noticed her seven month old baby contentedly chewing on what looked like a little rubber banana. I asked her about it and she told me the kid had been knawing on the banana all … [Read more...]

In celebration of their two year anniversary, Vincent Shoes has issued the following coupon code: Use coupon code ANNI2008 during checkout for 25% OFF on all purchases including all new Vincent fall and winter 08 styles through this Sunday, September 28, 2008. … [Read more...]

Use code SEP30 for 30% off everything on the Sam and Bellie site. That's in addition to the current sale prices. Sale ends when its all gone. … [Read more...]

The following is a paid Advertorial from 2 Sweet Girls in Pink: Love the color pink?? We sure do!! 2 Sweet Girls In Pink is an online boutique. Our boutique carries everything your little girl needs to be accessorized with from Bugalug Barrettes & Headbands, Ribbies Clippies, Nix Socks, Little Twig, M2MG Bows, Seasonal Bows, Tote Bags, Doll Slings, … [Read more...]

When I picked up a sample of these utterly adorable Bottle Pets at the ABC Kids Show a couple of weeks ago, I thought that they would be something that might appeal to my six month old. I had no idea that my three other kids, aged 4,8, and 12 would be so gaga over them. It took them all of ten seconds to figure out that their Sigg bottles fit … [Read more...]

There's a new fad taking over our neighborhood as the kids head back to school . Shains bracelets. Made from recycled/recyclable material, these unisex bracelets come with jibbitz-like letter/symbol "element" kits that let you personalize them and create whatever message you wish to share with the world. Their motto is "say it, wear it, mean it" I … [Read more...]

Here's one of my favorite new finds: Dipped in Dots. It takes all the work out of scrapbooking for you, but you're still left with a GORGEOUS and totally professional scrapbook. "No way", right? Way. So totally way. Order a themed book and you'll receive a beautiful scrapbook, already made and awaiting your photos. There's absolutely no need for … [Read more...]

Before we had kids, my husband and I had a tastefully decorated apartment. Fast forward 4 years and two children later. With all the toys and gear strewn about, the look is just not classy anymore. However, Fisher-Price's Zen Collection High Chair (MSRP $200) is bringing some of that elegance back (with a much-needed side of tranquility). This … [Read more...]