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Move over Samantha and Molly, there’s a new kid in town. She’s pretty, she’s smart and she’s even web savvy. She’s the newcomer from the Karito kids doll line– a blond surfer girl from Australia, named Piper. She’s just beautifully made, with incredibly high quality craftsmanship and a kind expression. She has won the hearts of both me and my … [Read more...]

Another great giveaway for you all to enter this week is from Alli's Originals. This stuff is so gorgeous - she makes personalized, hand-stamped jewelry. Great gifts for Mom for the holidays Dads so take note! One lucky Mommies with Style winner will win a $75 credit on the Alli's Originals website. To enter, simply subscribe to our weekly … [Read more...]

The following is a paid Advertorial from Brick House Paperie: Tis the season to shop at Brick House Paperie. Our stylish holiday collection will set you apart from the rest this holiday season. Featuring brand-new, exclusive designs, our original collection includes modern and traditional holiday photo cards, holiday birth announcements and party … [Read more...]

We're winding up our coverage of the ENK International Children's Club Trade Show with some terrific finds. I flipped over Floatimini's cute extra- girlie swimsuits. Designed by Sehee Kim and Eric Chang, the bathing suits were really funky and different. Sizes run from from 6 months to 8 years.    I've been a fan of Zinnias Inc. for a … [Read more...]

This one might be at the top of my list. Teaching a 5 year old to tie shoes is not easy. And as frustrating as it is for you or me to teach him, its even harder for him to remember all the steps and get his fingers to manipulate the skinny laces "just so." So Wendy Welling came up with an absolutely brilliant way to help t7ers learn to tie. Thread … [Read more...]

Today I spent a few hours wandering the aisles of the Mom2Be Trade show with fellow Mommies With Style writer Cheryl. We oohed and ah'ed over some of the latest new gear & attire from new companies like Heart String, Mom and Spawn, Modern Me, Belly Cravings, Bug & Pickle, More of Me, Mommy on the Go Diaper Bags, Mayrons Good Baby Natural skin care, … [Read more...]

Utterly Yours has offered Mommies with Style readers an exclusive coupon code for 10% off any of their products through November 30th, 2008. This offer cannot be combined with any other promotion/discount. Use code: UYMS1008. Original Review: The Utterly Yours Breast Pillow ($21.95), which was designed by a mom, is a way to "lift" … [Read more...]

Last year around this time we had something terrifying happen. Our then three year old son had a sudden severe asthma attack. Without any family history of this, and no real way to explain it other than an environmental trigger, I started paying very close attention to our household cleaning and furnishing choices. Suddenly everything was … [Read more...]

Lately, at dinner, we have been going around the table telling each other about our day. My daughter always starts it but it usually doesn’t last very long and our conversations with each other start to dwindle. But, since we have started playing Family Talk at dinner, our conversations haven’t stopped! Family Talk consists of a deck of 100 cards … [Read more...]

You know the game. The one where the toddler "accidentally" drops her bottle on the floor. So you pick it up and give it back. And she drops it again. And you pick it up. After about 5 minutes you're considering cutting your losses and losing the bottle. And about 2 minutes later she's cracking up and your back and knees are demanding a trip to the … [Read more...]