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Yes, I changed the poem. Because little girls may be full of sugar and spice, but for a new-baby gift no one is asking for a box of cookies. Rather, send something silver and sweet like a baby bracelet from Emmie Kate. The beautiful gifts from Emmie Kate include this tiny little bracelet, sized perfectly for a baby's tiny wrist. Gifters will enjoy … [Read more...]

Congratulations to Elizabeth C. from NC for winning last month's PaperShouts giveaway! … [Read more...]

Shhh. Don't tell her. (I really hope she's not reading.) I just have to share what the kids' grammy will be receiving this holiday. Its a woven blanket that is so soft to cuddle with, complete with one of my absolute favorite photo of the boys' from this year. I know she'll love it--what Grammy wouldn't love to drape a blanket of her beloved … [Read more...]

When I heard about BookSwim, my first thought was, "now why didn't I think of that?" I'm an avid reader, so of course I can appreciate the idea of a Netlix system for books, which is what BookSwim is. Join their service and select one of their various plans - the Devout Reader allows you to have 11 books at a time for $39.94 a month, down to the … [Read more...]

I'm so the faux! Went to the grocery store today and ran into several friends. And everyone exclaimed "wow! Look at your bags!" and "aren't you you the chic green shopper?" (seriously, one said that!) Of course, I laughed. Sure, I looked chic. Only because my outside reusable grocery bag, a bag from Chic Green Bags, was holding all my regular … [Read more...]

Congratulations to Laura S. from IN, Jessica from British Columbia and and Noreen from WA for each winning a KooKey and Trackster die-cast car! … [Read more...]

Halo SleepSacks™ are ideal for babies to sleep with safely. We used them when both my children were babies and put them to sleep on their backs. But what do you do when your child is an early walker or a older child, but still isn't ready for traditional blankets? You move up to Halo's Early Walker SleepSacks for babies and the Big Kid Sleep … [Read more...]

Rock Me Baby Records "A Child’s Christmas - Holiday Songs & Carols" is a great CD of music for the holiday season. These songs are arranged and produced with the whole family in mind (i.e. the songs are fun for the kids!) Listen to audio clips of Santa Claus is Coming to Town, Merry Christmas Greeting and the Little Drummer Boy. It's $13.99 with … [Read more...]

I have an extremely active 8 month old in the house. He's a doll baby but he's into EVERYTHING at the moment and thus the thought of walking out the door with him causes us to pause. Because whether it's Grandma's house, a soccer game, or his sister's ballet classes & holiday concerts, we're often at a loss as to where we can put him down. He's … [Read more...]

A few highlights for the season and beyond: Professor Pocket: Like Signing Time did with ASL, Professor Pocket is introducing my children to the Spanish language. Geared for kids age 2 and up, their CD collection playfully teaches children Spanish through song and conversation. Led by adults, children join in singing songs in Spanish. There's a … [Read more...]