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Valentines Day takes on a whole new dimension when you have a baby. All that love, sweet baby love... However. Sometimes your bundle of joy leaves you feeling like you are living in a warzone. Sleep deprived, adult company deprived, and in need of a good chuckle. Which is why I recommend putting your little love-bomb in one of these "I Love the … [Read more...]

My kids have been sick this winter more than any other year, most likely attributable to the fact that my daughter started Kindergarten. The ailment du jour seem to get passed around to each family member and then we have a house full of sickies! Since most of the virus’s we’ve had have involved fevers for days on end, temperature taking was … [Read more...]

I've made a decision: there's no longer a need to buy full-sized board games who's boxes will collapse and pieces will be lost, not if minimus has the game in travel size. We brought Milton Bradley's Candyland and Ohio Art's MagnaDoodle on our vacation. Both were perfect for storing in Wesley's miniature backpack and playing on the plane, at the … [Read more...]

Looking for a unique, fun gift to show your love this Valentines Day? I love the selection of electronics skins at They have amazing prints (My Ipod Nano looks hot in photo-real Zebra fur!) and designs to choose from. But even better than their stock choices for phone/computer/ipod decor, you can upload your own photos and design your … [Read more...]

Hey Mommies - want to win a great gift pack from Earth's Best for your baby or toddler? Earth's Best makes organic baby food. It's good stuff! I used their products with both of my kids. They're offering 3 prize packs to 3 lucky Mommies with Style readers. The details of the prize are below. Since I figured not all of you are on the baby food … [Read more...]

I really wasn't sure about this product at first. The whole "kid on a leash" thing has such a stereotype - mostly bad. I think anyone reading this blog knows that most Moms who use the "leash" for their kids get judged. Either that they aren't disciplining their kids enough if they have to use one, or comments surrounding treading their children … [Read more...]

We have a snow day here in Philly. The kids were getting rammy so I sat them down at the kitchen table with the Magic Swirl Ice Cream Shoppe from Play-Doh that Santa brought. I sat them down at 10 am ET. By noon, they still hadn't moved. For two hours, they played with this toy, having a blast and I've barely heard a peep from either one of … [Read more...]

On our recent trip to Mexico we were in definite need of travel items that helped us keep us organized and keep our lives, sane. Some of the organizational products we used included: DadGear Backpack: This is my husband's favroite carry-on because its so lightweight and big. It fits much more than one an ordinary diaper bag, and all the pockets … [Read more...]

Throughout the years, I've tested out a lot of products and I have to say that one of the products that has stayed the course the longest are Legos. Both of my boys are obsessed with Legos and they play with them on a daily basis. I have Duplos out for my 2-year-old (Legos for 1.5 years plus) and the regular Legos for my 5-year-old. (Although … [Read more...]

Hi Moms - just a little site announcement for those of you who use our message boards. The boards will be down from around 1:30-3:30 tomorrow ET. There will be some routine server stuff going on - you will be able to read the boards but not post, shouldn't take too long and we'll be up and running in no time. Thanks for your patience. Feel free … [Read more...]