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Evenflo, who of course we know for their great infant products like exersaucers, strollers and baby bottles has announced a new toddler feeding line. Called Smart Steps, these products have been designed to specifically address childhood obesity and eating disorders. They use a Healthy Eating Arc chart to educate parents on proper eating habits. … [Read more...]

Julie, Zareen and I went to a fun event last night. Hosted at Classy Mommy's house here in the Philadelphia area, the event was sponsored organized by Role Mommy, Sane Fit and Slendertone. I had a great time meeting some of the local Philly bloggers, as well as some of the NYC folks who traveled down for this fun event. They had a massage … [Read more...]

I know, I held you in suspense long enough, huh? I mean, you read about the grounds and the service at Riviera Maya's Azul Sensatori, but who's going to go on a vacay without knowing what the accomodations will be like?! Take it from me, these accomodations are top notch. So, every other time I've been to Mexico or the Caribean I've been prepared … [Read more...]

This has to be one of the softest, sweetest and most luxurious blankies I have ever felt... or seen. I mean, its hard to admit to falling in love with a blankie, especially when you're, ahem, 34, but I think I have. I mean, I don't need a lovey, but when one is so perfect, why not?! Bugaboo BabyBoo Blankies are made of 4 panels: 2 are a soft deco … [Read more...]

About a year ago I decided I was going to make an effort to shrink both my butt and my carbon footprint. I had an elaborate plan that involved biking to starbucks and the grocery store for all the little quick trips I make. Since I live in California where the weather is rarely an excuse to drive, it seemed like a great idea. But I got lazy. And I … [Read more...]

Seriously, these are so cute and funny. Get your baby his or her own business card at She's Got Papers. Is your toddler a future president or future PGA champ looking to book a playdate with a friend? Use one of these cards to do so. They're fun and are sure to get a laugh from your friends. Use coupon code MWS10 for 10% off any baby business … [Read more...]

EVERY bag has been marked down to between $10 and $70. These funky bags usually retail for $100-$300. Now that's a sale worth checking out! … [Read more...]

Last night, I took my daughters to the red carpet premiere of the Jonas Brothers 3D Concert Experience. When I got the call from Kraft Singles (a sponsor) I knew that after this, I was going to get the really GOOD breakfast in bed this Mother's Day. And also that my hearing might never be the same after walking past thousands of screaming fans. But … [Read more...]

As we gals know, a good haircut is worth it's weight in gold. Unfortunately, the haircuts I've been personally giving my oldest child are not worth much (because I do a terrible job). So I was thrilled to be invited to an event at Cozy's Cuts for Kids, a children's hair salon and toy boutique in New York City, owned by Cozy Friedman. Can't make it … [Read more...]

Writer's note: I read this great post at Musing of a Housewife's blog yesterday. It's a really refreshing post all about the turn many blogs and the blog community is taking - self-promotion, blog marketing, branding, etc. She pretty much nails on the head a lot of how I have been feeling lately. Like I'm sending so much time reading about how … [Read more...]