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While I wore my Okabashis by day, my evening shoe of choice this vacation was the Switchflop. I tricked people into thinking I had brought along 4 pair of these shoes, but , surprise!, only one pair took up valuable suitcase space. With Switchflops you only need one pare of flip flops. Then grab your favorite of the 50+ available Velcro straps and … [Read more...]

This is a riot. Did you know that Mr. Potato Head has a fan page on Facebook? He's got that funny commercial of he and the Mrs. from the Superbowl also on the page. So here's why I mention it: become a fan of both Mr. Potato Head and Mommies with Style on Facebook and you'll be entered to win a Mr. Potato Head Set. One winner will be contacted … [Read more...]

Saw this on Twitter - for all you preggos - 20% off thru end of day Sunday, March 1st when you use coupon code THANKS at Isabella Oliver Maternity. … [Read more...]

I have officially popped. More than a few weeks ago I was greeted by a close friend with something like "omigad! You're huge!" Yes... when its time to have you're third, its time to really show... and really show early. So this time around, I'm not using a lot of the old clothing yet... I can't. They're all spring and summer weight and style. And … [Read more...]

True, the baby isn't due until August, but I'm already just starting to crave bags. Back when Wes, now 3, was in diapers, I was bag crazy. I tried them all. And I'm sure I'll do that again. Real soon. But as soon as I found out I was pregnant, I headed right to a familiar favorite to see their newest bag: the Skip*Hop Studio. Really, knowing all I … [Read more...]

I know I've gone on before about how much I love Tea Collection clothes for my boys. I love the designs (simple, classy, creative) and the quality is undeniable. The designs are inspired by an assortment of international cultures - hence the tagline, "for the little citizens of the world." The best shot I find at getting good deals on Tea … [Read more...]

Like all parents, I care what goes into my children's bodies. So does Revolution Foods, a mom-run company that provides 20,000 school lunches every day and also produces healthy and yummy snacks that parents won't mind adding to their children's lunchboxes or meals. The company doesn't include high fructose corn syrup, trans fats or artificial … [Read more...]

You can't beat this - for a limited time, all of the organic apparel sets on Baby Kaed are listed at 50% off. Each of these sets are 100% organic and come packaged in a recyclable gift box. Even better, if you spend $99 or more on the site, you can use coupon code MWS15 for 15% off your order. … [Read more...]

Around the holiday time for the past three years, I have been gifting my daughter a new game made by EeBoo. Their games are so fun and unique and my daughter loves playing them! I have given her, “The Tea Party Game,” “The Paper Doll Game,” and this year, she received “What Time Is It? ” This time-telling game teaches the players to read a … [Read more...]

Congratulations to Gretchen M. in NJ, Karen K. from CA and Tina A. from CA for winning last month's contest from Earth's Best. Look for more great giveaways soon! … [Read more...]