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A few new DVDs and CDs to share with you today: Releasing today, Scholastic Treasury of 50 Storybook Classics: Preschool Stories is a DVD set certain to entertain. The next time one of the kids wants to watch a movie; the other, read a favorite book, I can simply say "yes" with no worries of unfairness. Featuring animations of 50 favorites old and … [Read more...]

I must be on a housewares kick today (Clorox wipes earlier today) because here's another one I wanted to talk about: Energizer's new Rechargeable Easy Charger. In our house, we take regular trips to BJ's (wholsale club). We buy packs of batteries in bulk there, because as I'm sure we all know, kids and kids products take a lot of batteries. … [Read more...]

It's such a tiny thing, but I wanted to mention this new product being offer by Clorox - same old wipes but in a new Decor canister. It's all about the packaging, right? They are now selling their disinfecting wipes in these new "Decor" canisters, which make them look a little less annoying sitting on your counter top. (Some of the designs are … [Read more...]

This is a pretty sweet deal. Fab designer Jenni Kayne teamed up with a little after having her first baby to create her ultimate mommy-bag. She didn't want a bulky bag to hang off her shoulder, but a larger clutch that she could fit under the stroller or inside her slouchy handbag. A chic, go anywhere, match with anything bag, it has … [Read more...]

Apparently, yes. Though you wouldn't know it by looking at my kitchen floor. But you would know it if you peeked into my kitchen cabinets. Up until 2 weeks ago, the storage area of my cabinet was a wreck. Unmatched lids, containers of varied sizes, shapes and colors. It was a wreck. And I was totally discouraged from organizing it because, really, … [Read more...]

These toys are totally up my alley. Err... my 5 year olds' alley. Big on math concepts like patterns, spacial relations, fractions, symmetry... and if you get really into it, you can use it to teach algebraeic relations (seriously... 10 years ago, I would have gotten bonus points from my grad school math prof. for typing that last one!) But you … [Read more...]

Looking for something unique and special to give your kids for Easter this year? How about a beautiful personalized Decoupage Bucket from 2 Little Stars that will make fun and creative Easter Baskets for your kids. They are designed with your child's name or initial, and you can fill it with special treats that your kids love! You could also … [Read more...]

It's that time of year again! You can pre-order your 2009-2010 MomAgenda on the Precious Personalities website at 15% off if you do it my March 31st. Visit the site and pick your calendar. Personally I use the Desktop - this year I had Lime Green and loved it! They have some fun new colors, including Tangerine, which may have to be this next … [Read more...]

Nearly 6 years ago when I was a new mom, Nursing Blankets and Covers were hardly heard of. We just threw a towel or blanket over our shoulders and hoped it would stay. (gosh... don't I sound like an old lady?!) This is another baby-product improvement that I'm very happy about. I love all the choices and great ideas there are when it comes to … [Read more...]

Disney’s Bunnytown: Hello Bunnies -- out on March 17th, this one is a perfect stuffer for an Easter basket! No doubt about it, it’s a cute one – buy it on Amazon for $17.99. Care Bears: Cheer, There & Everywhere – I don’t quite get what it is about the Care Bears, but all the kids seem to love them – from toddlers to the 6+, this one … [Read more...]