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Five Mommies with Style will have stylin' feet this spring and summer, they just won their own pair of SwitchFlops! Congrats to: Allison H. from VA, Erin R. from FL, Megan R. from VA, Cynthia C. from TX, and Susan S from PA. Your SwitchFlops will be on their way soon. If you didn't win, then click through to my recent review of SwitchFlops. … [Read more...]

I hadn't heard of Calendula Cream until today, when a friend was sharing that her little one has really bad eczema (poor thing) and asking for advice. Another friend recommended Calendula Cream. About 30 minutes later, I opened my desk draw to grab some samples and found a sample of Sweetsations Therapy's Baby Sweet Kisses Organic Calendula Cream … [Read more...]

Then make your fingers race over to the Bobux USA website right now. They are blowing out their overstocked inventory and discontinued shoes with prices below wholesale price... as low as $12.99. … [Read more...]

There's really only one thing I don't like about not "finding out": You have to settle for a lot of gender neutral stuff if you want to be prepared. And settle I did... for the first 2 kids. But now that I found Inspired Crib Bedding, I'm finding there's no longer a need to settle. Inspired Crib Bedding uses original mod fabrics (their own) and … [Read more...]

I'm a voracious reader. Obviously my reading habits have slowed down since I have kids, but even with a full house, I still have a book in hands almost all the time. I've gotten my books from all kinds sources - Amazon, trips to my local Barnes & Noble, using an online service and of course the local library. So I was really excited to hear about … [Read more...]

As of this past week, all of my kids are walkers. I can see that my days as a stroller pushing mama are numbered. My boys are 4 and 1. They are active and love to explore. But at the end of a long play session at the neighborhood park, day at the beach or lap around the mall, they want to sit down and get taken for a ride. We still need a stroller … [Read more...]

The absolute best part of our stay at Azul Sensatori was the fabulous kids' program and how focused on the children this resort is. As I've said before, the resort was built with families, and more specifically, children in mind. At the restaurants you'll find borrowable table toys, like Fisher Price Kid-Tough Cameras and Fisher Price Portable DVD … [Read more...]

Ugh. I have Rubbermaid tubs filled with bottles of the past. The big store would only take a few back, so they're just sitting, waiting to be recycled. Alas, that also means an entire new investigation of baby bottles, to prepare for pumping and feeding of the baby this summer. I have 2 big brothers who are so excited to be able to feed their baby, … [Read more...]

"Pack Smart, Travel Happy," is the tagline on the Little Jet Set website. And each of us who are parents who have ever traveled with kids knows that the key to everyone's happiness on a trip is keeping your kids happy. I'm all about finding different and unique items for my kids when we're on the road. Here's the latest we're taking on a 7 hour … [Read more...]

In February, we shared our love for the Kodak Sport Single Use Camera--it was a fantastic "toy" for our kids on our trip to Mexico. We've since given away 10 cameras to MWS Newsletter subscribers. Congrats to all of our winners! … [Read more...]