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I'm comfortable. Even at nearly 26 weeks, comfortable. Comfortable, that is, when I'm wearing comfortable clothing. And I've really been searching for more comfortable clothing this pregnancy, especially comfortable clothing that looks good. Because, though I may be a mom of 2.7 children, I represent *me*, in addition to my kids, and I try to look … [Read more...]

I just cannot get over how things have changed in 6 years. Seriously. "Way back when" there seemed to be only one nipple cream on the market. And everyone pregnant woman I knew used it. It was sticky. I recall thinking to myself "well, as sticky and gross as it feels, at least its healthy, right?" And I do remember nights of relief when I did smear … [Read more...]

When my first daughter was little, I spent a small fortune on her bedroom decor. I purchased an "heirloom" iron bunny bed, custom matching pastel linens, and had a a mural painted in her bedroom. It was gorgeous. Breathtaking and perfect. She hated it. If only I'd met the ladies behind Engage Environments back then, I could have saved myself a ton … [Read more...]

I am not happy with my maternity t-shirt selection. I mean, there are very few shops around here that actually have maternity any longer. And I find that I have very little cute to wear. So I was so excited to get to test out a maternity tee from 2 chix. They have cute and sweet little sayings, mine says "love brings out the child in you." Which, … [Read more...]

Awhile back, I reviewed the Find It toy for kids, a long tube filled with toys hidden inside of bead like pieces inside of the tube. My kids love shaking the tube and trying to find each object on a regular basis. So I was really excited when I heard about the Peek-A-Boo bag, a mom-made toy that's travel-sized and is a similar concept to the Find … [Read more...]

A must-have for X-Men fans, released on DVD today - a collection of the series from the early 90s: X-Men - Marvel's Animated Series, Volume 1 and X-Men - Marvel's Animated Series, Volume 2. Each are on sale 25% off at Amazon for $17.99. All the old favorites are there: Wolverine, Professor X, Rogue, Jean Grey and more. Watch a clip of one of the … [Read more...]

You know, I wasn't thrilled when I received Complete Idiot's Guide books this spring. I mean, I know its a well known series, and all, but the title... well, who would want to show off that she's carrying a book that classifies her as an idiot? But now that I've started reading The Complete Idiot's Guide to 40,000 Baby Names, I'm feeling like … [Read more...]

“How many kids do you have?” I’m often asked when I meet someone for the first time at the park, playground or at a new activity with one of my kids. Demi Bella’s line of apparel has the answer to this proverbial question! My favorite is their awesome Short-Sleeve Burnout Tee that let’s people know before they even ask, that I am a … [Read more...]

"Wake up sleepyhead!" It should be me saying this to my kids but more often than not it is my four year old, bouncing on my sleepy head, long before I am wanting to get out of bed. Kid'Sleep Classic is a product from Europe that was created for sleep loving parents such as myself. Most young kids are not able to read a clock, but they can read a … [Read more...]

Hey Mommies, have you heard about Weight Watchers's Momentum Walk-!t Challenge? It encourages all Weight Watchers meetings members and Weight Watchers Online subscribers to get moving this spring. Between now and June 6, set an activity goal for yourself -- like walking 5 kilometers (3.1 miles). Either join or create a walking team, or sign up for … [Read more...]