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Loving this diner table available at Barn Dandy's. Its been perfect for days when I'm taking it easy on the couch, maybe watching a show on TV and wanting to snack. And then, after finishing the snack, I find I'm using it as a computer stand so that I can finish the show and work in front of the tube. And when I'm finally finished, it folds up and … [Read more...]

Got a bug lover? If so, then you'll immediately recognize the value of these great bug finds I was recently sent to sample. The Bug Book and Bug Bottle is a kit designed for ages 8 and up, which allows a safe place to catch, observe and, eventually, release bugs. Inside the plastic Bug Bottle (which has a lid with holes for breatheability and a … [Read more...]

I'm no longer the mom of a baby. In the last month my youngest has found his feet and we are officially a family of 6 walkers. Leo is not only a walker, he is a dasher, a runner and a jumper. He's super active and I was looking for a soft, flexible, but supportive shoe for him. Something well padded and breathable. Very important! He has some … [Read more...]

We spent the day yesterday at the convention center in LA, checking out a virtual wonderland of fantastic kids products. While there we caught up with familiar favorites like Mabel's Labels, Scandinavian Child, Nine Moons/Swelly Belly, Tasty Baby, Baby Sparewear, Dilly Dally and Wagamama Baby. We spied blankets from Allyzaba and caught kids being … [Read more...]

I spend at least two to three hours a day in my car, taking my kids to their schools, their dance lessons, brownies, lacrosse practice, Hebrew school, etc. I also work from home, mostly on my computer. Over the years I have become familiar with which parking lots and coffee spots have free (or paid in a pinch) wifi. I'm expert at stitching together … [Read more...]

Don’t you hate bad hair days? They always happen when you don’t have the time or the patience to fix your hair and you have to be out the door to take your kids to the bus stop or to school. Bad hair days flat out stink! I usually just throw on a hat and head out the door….that is, until I came across The Clever Clip. The Clever Clip is a … [Read more...]

As much as I don't want this to be true, I still think of Earth-friendly products as having an Earthy-look. But then comes along a shop like MamaOm to prove me all wrong, and help to convince me otherwise, there is absolutely nothing earthy-looking about this all-organic shop. Everything looks to be about comfort, style and, even, sexy. I adore the … [Read more...]

My kids are conditioned. Conditioned to hear the UPS truck arriving at our home. And just as Pavlov would have presumed, they hear it, they run to the door, they grab the package and they start drooling. And while its not always for them, they're still happy to open any package that comes and throroughly examine the contents. So yesterday's package … [Read more...]

Next time you're at your local CVS, check out CVS's new line of cold packs for injuries, suitably named Peas Cold Therapy. Playing off what we all grew up with (bag of frozen peas on a swelling ankle, anyone?), these cold packs come in all shapes and sizes. According to the CVS website, the reason peas were always so widely used was that they … [Read more...]

This was another big surprise when the sample came in the mail the other day. As I said last week, I'm getting a lot samples for the baby, and this sample is one that I actually took out of the box and displayed for my sister to see when she came over that night. Because its uniquely cute. The organic clothing by Lolababiez are deco'd with … [Read more...]