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When you want to lighten your diaper bag load, Ju Ju Be's BeLight Diaper Bag ($35) is the solution. This ultralight bag is adorable and for moms who don't want to take the kitchen sink with them. It will even work as a purse! You can fit a couple of diapers and a pack of wipes on the two outer pockets and stash a magazine (along with the … [Read more...]

Note from Whitney:  Julie is no longer 39 weeks pregnant.  She wrote this post two days ago, ended up going into labor and had her baby girl yesterday morning!  Keep reading for more news but here is her latest post and her last review as a pregnant woman: Wrapping up this pregnancy is something I am completely ready to do. I'll only miss 2 … [Read more...]

Congratulations to Julie & family on the birth of Allison Jane, born this morning at 4:54 am ET, weighing 6 pounds, 8 ounces and 20 inches long! Considering I got work-related emails from her at 8 pm last night, I was definitely shocked to hear the news this morning at 8 - gotta love those speedy 3rd time delivery stories! Julie and baby … [Read more...]

It's not every 3-year-old who ends up with a broken wrist. But following a fall from a treehouse, my little guy has 2 bones with buckled fractures. Upon choosing his cast color, he happily announced it to be "Phillies red" and wore it with pride. So the huz raced to his computer to find decor for the cast. Who knew what was out there, right? And … [Read more...]

 With the current state of our economy, many of us are not in the position to travel to the standard “vacation spots.” Instead, we are opting to stay closer to home in lieu of hoping on a plane and doing a more extensive vacation. This is what my family has been doing all summer… and I’m excited to tell all of you about the great trips … [Read more...]

Although Mommies with Style is primarily a product review site, I wanted to share something a bit off-topic today. This past weekend, I attended BlogHer ’09 in Chicago. This is the largest women in blogging conference in the country. I met some wonderful women, and I’d be remiss if I didn’t post about the conference after the enlightening … [Read more...]

Shannon and Sharon are so excited to receive luxurious Baby Bonkies for their new babies--they won them recently in a giveaway here on MWS. Shannon has requested "emerson" and Sharon is getting a lucy Bonkie. I don't know how they chose--all of the fabrics are just beautiful. Didn't win? I know you want one (or 7) for your favorite little … [Read more...]

I'm nesting. I think we've all agreed that that's happening around here. And one thing un-done at our home was my 3-year-old's window. He had a shade, but nothing to complete it, make it look nice. How excited was he when we recieved a navy tab-top valance from Carousel Designs last week? Seriously, he was jumping with excitement. Its a … [Read more...]

Jenny from FL, Veronica from CA, and Emily from TN will soon be breastfeeding with ease and organization. They'll love the ease of recording everything from how long fed, what time fed and poops and pees. And will feel even better when they show off to the ped just how super organized they are!  Jenny and Veronica both selected Brown Lace and … [Read more...]

Next week, Nature's Baby Organics Bath and Body Products will be available in select Target Stores and Nature's Baby Organics products, created by mom of two, Adena Surabian, contain no harsh chemicals and are free of parabens, phlthalates, propylene glycol and synthetic ingredients (including fragrances and colors). … [Read more...]