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Wants you to visit that is.  I recently had a chance to visit the San Diego Zoo for the first time in about 22 years.  Not surprisingly, a lot has changed. My husband and I along with our two toddlers (and an entourage that included my parents and my brother and his wife) spent an whopping 7 hours at the zoo - and no, we still didn't see the whole … [Read more...]

I have this generic brand of soap in my downstairs bathroom - I bought it at Home Goods a few months ago.  It was one of those random purchases  because no one goes to Home Goods with the intention of buying soap. I bought it for completely superficial reasons:  I liked the bottle.  Turns out the soap itself is pretty nice too! (bonus!) This new … [Read more...]

So for those of you don't know, I'm currently in Chicago at BlogHer - undoubtedly the biggest blogging conference for women in this country. This year there are 1500 attendees, 90% of whom are women.  Yes, there's some serious estrogen flying around.  But seriously, it's been an awesome opportunity thus far to mingle with bloggers I had only … [Read more...]

Use coupon code G1 to receive 30% off your total order at New for Baby … [Read more...]

My daughter loves wearing her goggles in the pool. Of course, when she takes them off and leaves them poolside, they are left along with everyone else’s! Before we had Taggoggles on her goggles, it was nearly impossible to find which ones were hers. Now that she has them, her goggles stand out from the others and are easily … [Read more...]

I can’t help but love the affordable but expensive-looking bags for sale at Shop Distinction. These bags are made by designer Melie Bianco, who uses couture bags carried by the Hollywood celebrities as a design inspiration.  The influence stops there though as the price tag on these bags shares no similarity with their couture … [Read more...]

So I'm totally going to be styling on the plane to the BlogHer conference I'm attending later this week.  I plan on carrying my Timi & Leslie Marilyn, which is totally supposed to be a diaper bag but I'm using it as a laptop and carry-on airplane tote. They call it the "diaper bag that looks like a chic purse," which I fully intend to take … [Read more...]

My daughter just started to read books and is so excited that she can do it by herself! We recently received a new book called “What Mess?” and she couldn’t wait to read it to me. “What Mess?” is a cute and silly children’s book that tells the story from a little girl’s perspective. Her mommy tells her to clean her room, however she can not find … [Read more...]

Looking for delicious organic food for your children? Yummy In My Tummy delivers! They offer organic baby, toddler and finger foods, made with organic fresh  ingredients. You can visit their South Florida location or order it online nationally. The food arrived perfectly frozen and packed in dry ice (which upped my cool factor with my older … [Read more...]

As a fair-skinned gal with a history of sun cancer in her family on both sides, I try to always wear sunscreen and also make sure my two kids are protected. I was thrilled to test out some products from Smart Girls Who Surf. While you don't need to surf to use their products, you'll love their paraben free and chemical free products. I was sent … [Read more...]