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So I was really excited to hear about  I've been packing Kosher lunches for three years now, and let me tell you guys, finding a variety of kosher (and healthy) snack food is not easy. This year, I'll be packing two lunches, plus a daily snack bag for my Kindergartener.  I was thrilled to discover … [Read more...]

So when a mom opens a baby food (designed for toddlers ages 12 months and up) and announces "yum! I love these!" You have to wonder: is she totally sleep deprived? Or is the food really good? And I wondered that about myself at lunch today. So I put some Plum Organics Fruity Fingerfuls on the boys plates at lunch today. And my preschooler had … [Read more...]

I've been on the hunt for the latest deals on games for my daughter's new DSi she just received for her birthday.  I thought this deal was amazing since the price of  DS and Wii games can really add up!  Buy 1, get 1 50% off on ALL DS and Wii Games (excludes pre-orders) through Saturday, August 28th. Valid in-store and online.   Stock up for the … [Read more...]

I most certainly had never thought of a video camera as a fashion accessory until I saw one of the high definition ones from the Luxe Collection by DXG. This High-Definition Video Camera (DXG-533V HD) records 720p HD video, comes with a 3-inch tilt screen and an oh-so-pretty carrying case. And yes, I know you shouldn't select your video … [Read more...]

Wouldn’t you love to find a stylish line of clothing for your kids that is classic, unique and beautiful? Sweet Funky Vintage offers all of this in their line of children’s custom clothing for boys and girls. All of their pieces are hand-sewn and made in the USA from top quality fabrics. I love how the company has created mix and match pieces so … [Read more...]

30% off at Expires end of day tomorrow, August 23rd - use coupon code GYMFAMILY to receive 30% off your order of anything over $100. … [Read more...]

Its title may be silly, but Silly Billyz Bibs are anything but silly. They're practical. They're useful. They're entirely sensible. And they're completely reasonably priced. Most of these bibs, infact, are less than $10. What makes Silly  Billyz Bibs so special is that the collar is cut higher, so that it goes all the way up around the neck, … [Read more...]

Summertime and the buggies are biting -- so I was thrilled to test out Insect Armor ($6.76 for 4 oz), an organic bug repellent from Vermont Soap Organics. It does not contain DEET (N,N-diethyl-m-toluamide) or any other chemicals derived from petroleum, pesticides or neurotoxins. It does contains lemon, eucalyptus and other natural essential … [Read more...]

Last year a funny think happened. My kids lost their sweatshirts and sweaters same as every other year. But several of them found their way home to us. We have Mabel's Labels to thank for that. It's a back to school ritual for us to sticker all their school jackets, sweaters, shoes and accessories with these durable, washable, identification … [Read more...]

As my son gets ready to start preschool in a few weeks, I realized it was time to deal with the pile of artwork and mementos he had made during his previous year that had been collecting in a massive pile on top of our fridge.  I had memories of a drab, brown accordian folder that my mom had used when I was young for storing such memories.  I loved … [Read more...]