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As you guys can probably guess from the lack of posts this weekend, I was pretty much offline over the 3-day Holiday Weekend.  We went up to the Hartford, CT area - where most of my roots are from, and where my 91-year-old grandmother lives. One of the days we were up in town, we decided to take the boys to the somewhat new CT Science Center in … [Read more...]

Having your first child can be overwhelming for a number of reasons, but one of which is the stuff. From bottles and blankets to car seats and cribs, the amount of information you try to digest and the number of decisions to make is exhausting. I remember walking into Babies R Us when I was registering for my first child and wandering around the … [Read more...]

Oilo is a new player in the nursery arena, but they are already stirring up lots of interest. Featured in Pregnancy & Newborn, babytalk, Pregnancy and on various design blogs, Oilo's collection of bedding, lighting, furniture and wall art bring a calm, gender-neutral sophistication to your nursery and home design. While some people prefer to … [Read more...]

The winner of the Britax Frontier 85 is..... Melissa! Congrats Melissa and thanks to all of you who entered! Sounds like there are lots of fun trips planned for the coming months! Keep checking back for more giveaways from Mommies With Style! … [Read more...]

Hey Mommies, I have a fun giveaway for the month of June here on Mommies with Style on our Messgae Boards. Every Monday, one lucky winner and member of the Mommies with Style Message Boards will be selected at random from our Message Board posts to win a movie.  The movies are listed below.  There's 6 potential winners! The grand prize for … [Read more...]

So I wore this cute little floral dress down to the Golden Inn in Avalon, New Jersey a few weekends ago.  I had planned on wearing it for Mother's Day but the weather didn't comply (cold and rainy) and I opted to put it on later when I was at the beach for weekend away with a few blogger friends & families.  The dress came from Dress … [Read more...]

Last weekend, I headed up to NYC with several other Philly bloggers to attend the Hebrew National Better Than A Picnic Picnic.  I had previously posted about the event here. I met my fellow bloggers at a local spot to meet the bus to head north.  Unfortunately, the bus was late - and ended up breaking down on the highway (!) on the way … [Read more...]

I just entered my third trimester and my skin is even drier than usual. I'm loving Curél® Life's Stages® nurturing comfort® Moisture Cream (price range $7.79 - $15), which was developed with OB/GYNs to hydrate dry skin during pregnancy. The cream is fast-absorbing cream (meaning you're not sitting there with gooky stuff). Plus it also feels … [Read more...]

I recently discovered a beautiful Eco chic jewelry line by The Leakey Collection that is handmade together by local skilled Maasai artisans of Kenya. My favorite piece is from the Zulugrass line. This contemporary jewelry line is made from environmentally sustainable materials. The gorgeous strands of colorful grass beads are dyed in a wide range … [Read more...]

Every mom has their own signature style of getting a newborn baby to sleep.  Whether it's rocking, bouncing, singing or driving around in the car - ask any mom and they'll tell you exactly what worked for each of their children.  Early on I knew that my baby liked to move.  Sitting down was not allowed - Gianna would have none of that.  No, we … [Read more...]