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Congratulations to Candace in CA for winning our HP giveaway, Jennifer in TN for winning the Mimobot giveaway and Stacy from AZ for winning our Healthy Child, Healthy World giveaway! … [Read more...]

I'm totally obsessed - I've admitted it before, I love the Twilight Saga.  This past winter, I read the entire series for the second time around and if it's possible, loved it even more on the second read.  I've seen Twilight and New Moon more times than I care to admit and have played a board game or two of New Moon Trivia with other obsessed … [Read more...]

  Looking some new, cool-looking labels for your kids and you?  My boys got samples recently from KiDECALS, a company that makes unique and fun labels.  Name Dots, Allergy Dots and Wall Murals are all available in various designs. While we're lucky that our boys don't have allergies, I'm sensitive to families that do.  The Allergy Dots … [Read more...]

Through June 29th, use coupon code ONBIG30 to receive 30% off your order at … [Read more...]

This whole having a girl thing has been wonderful. But the one area that I'm still adapting is the whole hair-clip thing. See, I'm running into a few problems, like her hair is constantly in her eyes. Maybe its just the way her hair grows, but she has so many long bangs and they won't stay on the side... everything falls forward. So much so that … [Read more...]

Love your mobile device, but need some protection for it?  Wrapsol's Ultra is a line of adhesive films that provides both drop and scratch protection for portable and mobile devices. You can get versions that will protect iPhones and iPod touches, Blackberries, Motorola (including the Droid) and Sony PSP and several other devices. Wrapsol Ultra is … [Read more...]

Is there anything more daunting than that last day in the hospital? When all the forms have been signed, all tests have been completed, and mother and baby have been cleared to go home. You and your infant walk through those hospital doors and that feeling hits – Oh my gosh! They’re letting me take this baby home? Don’t they know I have no idea … [Read more...]

After the initial shock of the cold winter months, baby Gianna has learned to love getting her diaper changed.  Changing time has turned into play time.  And given the opportunity, she'll laugh, kick and giggle for half an long as she's naked.  Of course I love keeping her happy and playing, but "naked time" presents me with two … [Read more...]

Arrived in West Chester to set up for our Baby Shower Extravaganza sponsored by Graco & Huggies.  Still waiting for Colleen from Classy Mommy to show up as she's stuck on impassable roads!  Hopefully all of you expecting Moms will make it safely here. … [Read more...]

Graco has launched My First Baby, a web destination and community where you can upload videos with tips and helpful hints on motherhood with an infant.  Videos can be uploaded by anyone - these are real Mom tips from every day Moms like you and me.  I love it - it's so 2010 and every Mom seems to have her own expertise or piece of advice.  This is … [Read more...]