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A life-sized Thomas the Tank Engine arrived at NYC's Brooklyn Bridge Park, on a barge last week, to celebrate the HIT Entertainment's DVD release of the Thomas & Friends Misty Island Rescue and to introduce the newest Thomas toys from Fisher-Price. Thomas was tugged by The Pegasus, a historic tugboat that participated in both World Wars, and … [Read more...]

Such a great coupon code.  I used one last week to order some items and am tempted again!  Use coupon code RETAIL30 TODAY ONLY (August 31st) to receive 30% off your order at Gap, Old Navy & Banana Republic. … [Read more...]

If I didn't already own 4 other laptop bags, I would totally scoop up this deal.  Normally $99.99, this Mobile Edge Milano Laptop Handbag is marked down to $49.99 on Amazon.  It comes with free shipping too! It's made out of faux croc and it's sleek looking.  This would definitely go with anything and I love that it looks like a stylish … [Read more...]

It's a whole new year and there's undoubtedly a whole new set of germs about to float around and get all of our kids sick this school year.  It's close living in one classroom all year long and germs spread like crazy. Wet Ones® Antibacterial Hand Wipes is sponsoring a fun giveaway this month - they are setting out to provide 99 classrooms … [Read more...]

Little did I know, but Skullcandy headphones are hot for tweens and teens right now.  My sister in law filled me in when she saw I had received a pair at BlogHer this summer. "You know how awesome these headphones are, right?" I promptly handed them over to my nephew as I couldn't possibly appreciate them the way he could. My 15-year-old … [Read more...]

Whether it's the aroma of freshly baked cinnamon rolls in the morning or a warm loaf of sourdough wafting towards me in line at the grocery store, the smell of fresh baked bread is intoxicating. And though making bread more scratch may seem daunting, a bread maker makes it easy, fast and deliciously pain-free. I recently had the chance to try … [Read more...]

It's not a new fashion trend, but there seems to be a lot of talk about the Army jacket being bigger than ever this fall.  Just last week, my niece and I interviewed fashion experts Jorge Ramon and sisters Elle & Blair Fowler, and you can see on the video when Jorge pulls out an adorable Army jacket he uses an example for a  good staple piece … [Read more...]

Ever take a trip with a baby or a toddler and have to haul a suitcase full of diapers? I've done that several times and have resented how much room they've taken up. I wish I had known about DiaperBuds! They're individually wrapped, vacuum-packed disposable diapers -- why didn't someone think of this before!!  Just open the plastic package and it … [Read more...]

My newborn is 11 days old now and exhibiting some strong preferences-- like for his NUK Orthodontic Pacifier ($5.99 for a 2 pack). I've tried a few other brands, but even at a week old -- he knows the difference between NUK and the other brands. He will actually scream if I do not give him his NUK pacifier. The dentists in my husband's family … [Read more...]

I'm a huge fan of the swaddle. All three of my kids were calmed and comforted by being wrapped in a blanket cocoon. But finding the perfect blanket for swaddling isn't always easy. We've tried dozen of blankets over the course of our three kids, and below I wrap up (ha ha) my favorite swaddlers. Giggle Better Basics Organic Swaddle Blankets (set … [Read more...]