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Yikes.  More than 10 million Fisher-Price toys are being recalled by the US Consumer Product Safety Commission.  You name it, it's on the list:  tricycles, playmats, play sets and much more.  Chances are, if you are reading this website, you have something on the recalled product list or at least know someone who does. Here's the note about … [Read more...]

Special for our readers, use coupon code Mommastyle_20 at OLLY Shoes to receive 20% off your order on athletic shoes at OLLY September 30th only. … [Read more...]

Recently, my skin has seemed a little, well, dull. Could it be the lack of sleep from my newborn baby? Post-pregnancy hormones? My recent 30th birthday? Turns out, it was a lack of moisture. I had a chance to check out the LL Regeneration line by Annemarie Borlind, one of Europe's leading botanically-based skin care lines that relies on natural … [Read more...]

So I received this note in my inbox yesterday.  Sponsored by donation of product from Lansinoh, Cottonwood Kids and more, there are now roughly 200 hospitals nationally that give a Healthy Baby Bounty Bag to a new Mom at discharge. The bag contains milk storage bags, disposable nipple pads, samples, coupons, and information that supports and … [Read more...]

For nine months your baby feels safe, comfortable and secure in mother's womb - what better way to help baby relax than to mimic that environment?  TummyTub was developed in Holland in cooperation with physicians, midwives and nurses to help ease the transition from womb to the world.  The unique womb-shape allows baby to maintain a fetal … [Read more...]

What do you think of this Stroller/Bicycle hybrid from Dutch company Taga?  New to the US in 2010, you just know you'd get stopped a bunch if you were using this. Push baby or toddler around in this stroller via your own bicycle seat and workout.  Love everything about it other than the fact that you need to take out a second mortgage to buy the … [Read more...]

As much as I love to cook, I'm pretty much a recipe-follower. This doesn't always mean that I measure exactly and I do substitute now and then, but I don't just start from scratch and make up a recipe. Then I met Courtney. Courtney is a busy mom of three young kids, a passionate locavore, and is one of those people who can open up your pantry … [Read more...]

With my first two kids, the nursing bras I wore weren't too exciting - I sported such thrilling shades of neutral, white, and black.. They were the antithesis of sexy. Since the birth of my third child, I'm rocking nursing bras in a leopard print and a beautiful berry color, plus a nursing tank in a stunning Jade color from Bravado! Designs. The … [Read more...]

Ciaran recently introduced me to e-buddy Kim Orlando from Traveling Mom.  She recently took her kids on a family vacation to Amelia Island off the coast of Florida.  One of these years, I'd love to get there as my Florida-resident parents have also been and had great things to say. So in this video, Kim challenges her family to spend the entire … [Read more...]

Vintage is hot this fall. And so easy to add in to your wardrobe with fun little details like faux fur, statement jewelry, lace, a-line dresses and chunky knits. It's a great way to customize a one of a kind look. The way you combine and mix the vintage pieces in with your wardrobe can make a great and unique statement. Here are a few fabulous … [Read more...]