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A couple of weeks ago, the "Snack Mom" at my son's soccer game brought a couple of boxes of Rice Krispies' for the boys after their game ended.  The Rice Krispie Treats had the latest packaging - wrapping that allows Mom to write on them. Snack Mom had written "Great Game!" and "Good Job!" on all of the Rice Krispie Treats, which I thought was … [Read more...]

A lot has changed since Big was born. (I know. I keep saying that, right? I feel like such a grandma!) But it has. Its been seven years and I shake my head, every now and then, thinking about the changes. Like food.  When Big was a toddler, I drove to Babies R Us (this is before I ordered with Amazon Prime, charging through my phone in seconds … [Read more...]

The following is a paid post from AOL Shopping: What could be cuter than an adorable infant in an adorable costume? AOL Shopping brings you 50 of the most adorable infant costumes this Halloween.  The cutness factor is off the charts!  If you see something you like, make sure to buy soon, Halloween costumes for infants sell out quickly.  Also … [Read more...]

Had I prepared a little better, I would have ordered The 3-Day Cleanse Book before this week.  The Book, which talks about the merits and how-tos of the Cleanse is authored by the co-founders of the BluePrint Cleanse that I was about to embark on. It arrived from Amazon the night before I started so I only had a brief time to skim it and read … [Read more...]

Use coupon code 25SPREE to receive 25% off your total order today only at (September 21st.) And if you miss it today, never fear. Tomorrow they are doing 20% off and Thursday 15%. (But obviously your best bet is to order today if you can!) … [Read more...]

Back in May, I first heard about the iPhone app Hipstamatic from fellow Philly blogger Cecily.  She took a group shot of a few of us at an event up in NYC with Hipstamatic.  This neat little app puts an old school spin and look on your photos by using different lenses of choice on the application. I had forgotten about it until last week, when I … [Read more...]

A couple of weeks ago, I was out to lunch with my good friend Colleen from Classy Mommy.  We were talking about our eating habits and she mentioned that she's been considering doing one of those juice cleanses.  She had me at cleanse.  I've been wanting to do one myself for awhile - just out of sheer curiosity and a need to be healthier and get rid … [Read more...]

Before I even received my first pitch on the latest product release from Bendaroos, I already heard about it from my two little walking informercials (aka my children.)  As soon as I heard the words "glow" and "Bendaroos," I knew what the next item on the birthday/Christmas list was to be. For those of you not familiar, Bendaroos are pliable wax … [Read more...]

I've been a huge fan of Annabel Karmel for a while and was so thrilled to hear that she teamed up with Infantino for a line of feeding products, exclusive to Babies R Us.  The British children's nutrition expert has written 18 books -- I used her First Meals book as a guide and for puree recipes when my two oldest children started solids. Aimed … [Read more...]

Last night I had the fabulous opportunity to meet Chef Marcela Valledolid, taste her wonderful cuisine and learn from her how to make several delicious margaritas all featuring Sauza Tequila. I attended a Ladies Night In event sponsored by Sauza Tequila. The recipes were really great for simple yet impressive entertaining year round. One of my … [Read more...]