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How cool is this? Mountain Buggy's Freerider is a stroller ride-on-board that turns into a stand alone scooter! When it's released it will just be for Mountain Buggy, but other adapters will become available. Coming soon. Want to see how it works? … [Read more...]

Oh no!  Forgot about Grandpa Joe?  Aunt Shelly always gives you something and you totally forgot to get her a gift?  Here are some ideas for gifts you can purchase today and you won't even have to leave your couch to do it! An annual pass to your local zoo.  Here in Philly, you can get an annual family pass to the Philadelphia Zoo for $99. … [Read more...]

While I love me a cup of yummy coffee from Starbucks, it's not really practical or affordable to go to Starbucks every day. Having a coffee-maker is great but having something like the Tassimo Brewbot, which makes cappuccinos, lattes, espressos, flavored coffees, hot chocolates is just awesome. This little machine can apparently whip you up a … [Read more...]

A few weeks ago, I wrote about visiting Staples for the Top Tech Gifts for the Holiday Season Event (click here to read post), when I could not stop staring at the Flip Video Cameras. My husband and I take so many pictures of our kids, but we've really slacked off with video -- basically because I can't really work our video camera. Staples … [Read more...]

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I wish I weren't done because this is a great deal!  From Take 30% off Everything plus Free Shipping on $100 minimium Savings reflected at checkout when you enter Promotion Code: SNOWMAN PIN: 9823 … [Read more...]

Get yourself to your local Gap today if you can!  They are offering their 40% off the entire store deal again today. Tomorrow (Dec 22nd) the store will be 30% off and Thursday (December 23rd) will be 25% off the entire store but it doesn't take a rocket scientist to figure out that today's the day to get there if you can.  Happy shopping! … [Read more...]

My family's too small to do a Secret Santa, and the last couple of years we've ditched the idea of doing a Secret Santa with my husband's family.  I kind of miss it so when TJMaxx/Marshall's pitched me to do a Secret Santa with a bunch of fashion bloggers, I was on board! I was given the name of Beth from  I was given a gift … [Read more...]

There are some iconic gifts that kids of all ages love to find under the tree - train sets, red wagon, life-like dolls and of course, bikes. There's something special when a kid gets their first "big kid" bike. No more tricycle or scooters, when a kid is ready for their first two-wheeler (or four with training wheels), there's a look of pride on … [Read more...]

Years ago, I asked a friend what miracle had caused her 4 year old son to learn how to read and she mentioned these Rock N Learn DVDs.  Seeing as my first son wasn't even walking at this point, I promptly forgot about them. Then last summer I was cruising around in our local Beckers when this series caught my eye.  I purchased Phonics, Volume … [Read more...]