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credit StarTraksPhoto.comCheck out this photo of Brooke Sheilds at american eagle's 77kids store in New York City shopping Spring 2011 clothes for her two daugthers.  77kids by American Eagle offers trendy, kid-cool clothing like colorful swimwear, graphic tees, denim and light knits. The brand has an array of affordable, versatile fashion … [Read more...]

My boys loved Lamaze baby toys when they were infants. Check out this great sale at Amazon for 25% off or more on Lamaze baby items. … [Read more...]

I'm not sure if it's because I'm an aunt to two chihuahuas or not but I love little dogs and love the Beverly Hills Chihuahua movies.  Beverly Hills Chihuahua 2 is releasing next Tuesday and my family received a sneak peek DVD and I think it may be even funnier than the first one.  Nate (7) was literally crying he was laughing so hard at one … [Read more...]

Use coupon code CHILLOUT to receive 25% off your order of $50 or more at the … [Read more...]

Congrats to our Splendid Littles for Target Giveaway Winner. Catherine S wins a $50 Gift Card to Target. She said, "I love stripes so these clothes are perfect for my 3 little ones…thanks for the chance to win". To pick the winner, we used, which picked #30 out of 32 entries. … [Read more...]

Last week, Zareen focused on the Techie Fashionista for our weekly Fashion Friday post.  It was timely as I was in Nashville for a fashion event and it's been especially fresh on my mind, the idea of traveling with all of my media gear. My friend Jo-Lynne and I spent much of the weekend talking about camera bags and finding that ultimate bag … [Read more...]

Little's feet are small. So small, that it took many stores turning me away saying, "sorry, we don't make snow boots that small" to make me give up on letting her go out to play. So sad for Little. But last week on the way out of the mall, I popped into Stride Rite, asking them to measure her again. 4 1/2 made her big enough, finally, for a … [Read more...]

It seems like my kids have been sick every other week lately, so I have been using my new Braun ThermoScan Thermometer with ExacTemp Technology (around $50) a lot. We love it because its accurate (I've been using it with my 5 year old and 3 year old), has a pre-warmed tip and even I can't mess it up. That's important to me because I do own lots of … [Read more...]

This is a GREAT coupon code because Skull Candy products do not come cheap.  Use coupon code UPSAPPRECIATE to receive 40% off your order through January 31, 2011. Skull Candy makes designer headphones - these are popular with tweens and teens and they have many NBA and other sports teams available for purchase. … [Read more...]

Last year, our babysitter brought a bunch of ingredients to make homemade playdough with my kids one night.  They loved it.  Every now and then, they'll ask to make it and I always come up with some excuse not to do it - thinking how I'm not crafty and how it's probably difficult to make. But in a rare moment of inspiration, I looked up a few … [Read more...]