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While my boys (7&4) will get some candy in their Easter baskets, I definitely make it my mission each year to keep the candy and junk food in there down to a minimum.  And I definitely remember going on a hunt when they were smaller to find fun alternatives to candy to put into the Easter Eggs.  (I wasn't up for giving my toddler jelly beans … [Read more...]

Seeing as I'm a closet Just Dance and Dance Dance Revolution player, it's no surprise that I was totally excited for the release of Country Dance. Similar to Just Dance (but made by a different company), Country Dance has you moving and grooving along to some of your favorite country singers and songs.  Some of the artists on this game include: … [Read more...]

This is a great product and business idea.  The founder of realized that while one status update on Facebook might not mean much, collectively the pictures and the updates mean a whole lot.  For so many of us, our lives are journaled on Facebook and as time goes on they scroll away into the Internet abyss.  What if there was a way … [Read more...]

Starting today, I'm launching a weekly series to highlight one Mommy with Style each Monday.  I have so many wonderfully stylish friends - bloggers and non-bloggers that I thought it would be fun to share a bit what everyone's wearing and tell you a little bit about each of them. I've said it countless times and I will say it again, being a … [Read more...]

Cute, right?  Get this four-pack of Easter Eggs from Play-Doh filled with corresponding colors for $11.76 with free shipping from Amazon. Every kid loves Play-Doh and this is a nice alternative to candy. … [Read more...]

Despite making my own homemade baby food, Skylar just isn't into it yet. So I turned to Sprout Foods, co-founded by chef (and dad of 3) Tyler Florence. Our time at the Food Network overlapped a little, but we never met (I worked there in production from 1994- 1999). Now that Skylar is old enough to eat, we just had to sample some! So far, my … [Read more...]

I actually went looking for this one because I had a restaurant I wanted to buy for and was hoping for a good coupon code. I found this one on - it expires today. 80% off your order on with coupon code DEAL … [Read more...]

I don't know how I'd look half the time without my pair of Classic Spanx.  I'm wide-hipped and I wear Spanx with most dresses as it literally sheds pounds off my side once I don them.  Truly.  The pair I have is getting kind of worn, and I've been thinking of getting the In-Power Line Super Power Panties for $32.00.  They have "super slimming … [Read more...]

Use coupon code GUESSKIDSTRAVEL to receive 30% off your order at Guess Kids. … [Read more...]

Last weekend we were over at my sister-in-law's house when something glowing in her kitchen caught my eye.  She had what looked like a bowl with glowing rocks sitting on an end table next to her kitchen table.  I asked what it was. She told me it was a Himalayan Salt Lamp and handed me one of the rocks.  It was a big chunk of salt with a pinkish … [Read more...]