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My baby, Skylar, recently got his first tooth at 10 months of age. As his little tooth was emerging and he was miserable, we were sent a sample of Baby Orajel Naturals Teething Gel to test out. For my older two kids (now 5 1/2 and 3 1/2), we used a very popular natural teething tablet, which has since been recalled. I've used Orajel also and was … [Read more...]

Anything that helps a baby sleep more is a good thing! A swaddle blanket is usually the first step to that, but sometimes can be tricky to configure tightly so your baby doesn't kick out of it.  SootheTIME offers some adorable spruced up swaddles in their new line of infant sleep essentials, zzzTime (pronounced z-time). For newborns, the Snooze … [Read more...]

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We've actually had this game - Kirby's Epic Yarn (Wii) - for awhile but hadn't ever given it a chance to play it.  It's rated E for everyone and while it takes a few minutes to get used to the controls to play this game (or did, for my 4 year old).  Great for a rainy day or afternoon break from the sun.  It's really cute too - as Kirby you go … [Read more...]

For years now, my staple newborn gift present has been from Baby Sophia Gifts.  You can see that I've reviewed them before.  The owner happens to be a good friend of mine but that's certainly not why I review her products - I review them because simply her products are fabulous newborn baby gifts. She embroiders bibs and burp clothes with … [Read more...]

CONTEST NOW CLOSED My kids ask great questions. They tell lots of stories. Have something to say about everything. This is all adorable and wonderful, but on a 7-hour car ride, it can definitively leave you pining for a little bit of silence. Since my husband and I are still driving our pre-kid car (read: no built-in DVD player or nearly enough … [Read more...]

Have you checked out yet? A free subscription-based site, has some awesome deals available on children's items.  Right now, they have a Summer Spectacular sale going on - it's a great time to sign up and shop! Be sure to like they on Facebook too.  They have some fun summer-themed ideas going on right now on the Gilt … [Read more...]

I happened to be on tonight looking for a couple of last minute items for the beach when I noticed that all women's shorts are on sale for up to 50% off at! Time to get shopping, ladies!  Free shipping on all orders over $50. … [Read more...]

It's official - it's summer!  I'm doing my little happy dance as we head down to the beach shortly fo the trip I look forward to every year.  And what does every girl need on the beach but a stylish beach tote of course?  You can't beat the price of this one:  $19.99 for this American Eagle Striped Beach Tote at And if you … [Read more...]

This mama's been having a hard time potty training her 3 year old daughter -- but My Carry Potty ($32) has made my life a little easier. In fact, my little one, Allegra, is kind of obsessed with it and won't leave home without it. She loves that it's hers (since it's pink, her big brother wants nothing to do with it), she can carry it herself … [Read more...]