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Hey pregnant Moms & Moms of newborns, here's a great giveaway from Citrus Lane:   The folks at Citrus Lane would like to give away one of their care packages. The winner can choose from any of these four existing boxes, Newborn, Month 1, Month 4, and Bedtime for Year 2. Check out the pictures and click the "See inside the box" link to see … [Read more...]

When I hit the stage in my pregnancy where I just couldn't make do with regular clothes anymore (which came way too quickly by the way), I bought several items from Isabella Oliver. They are among my favorite maternity clothes. They are the items I turn to when I want to look nice and feel comfortable. They are very flattering and stylish. The … [Read more...]

Hold me, people.  I never thought the day would come that I would be so obsessed with make-up.  But the more time that goes on (in part due to this website, the other getting more wrinkly I age), the more I appreciate decent make-up products. And I gotta give credit where credit is due, my 13-year-old niece and my sister-in-law.  When we were all … [Read more...]

As a parent, it's your job to make your baby's world a safe place to learn and grow. Baby-proofing helps protect your child from dangerous areas in your home--and helps protect your belongings from damage. There are many products marketed to parents to baby-proof their homes, but as with most parenting issues, sometimes the most basic solutions … [Read more...]

My oldest starts kindergarten in a few days which has a few significant changes from preschool last year. 1) He'll be going to school every day. 2) The school day is 2 hours longer than preschool. 3) He'll need to bring a lunch. It's this last one I've been thinking about recently. Though we have a few random lunch bags that we use for … [Read more...]

As I type, I'm looking out the window at a blue sky and a light breeze on the trees.  My entire family is on vacation in Florida visiting my parents for one last hurrah of the summer.  Irene was far off to sea when we flew down here and we were more concerned about the storm messing up our trip in Florida than ever considering it would hit … [Read more...]

Normally, I love a good storm.  I've been loving the thunderstorms we've had the last few weeks.  But Irene means business and isn't any laughing matter. Ironically, hubby, kids and I are down in Florida for one last summer vacation and not home in Philly.  Florida, the hurricane state, escaped Irene's wrath for the most part.  We've been … [Read more...]

Last weekend, I had the chance to check out Remington's new Wrap to Waves Styler at Style School in New York City.  Love this new tool that makes it easy to turn your straight hair into a mane of fabulous curls. Designed to give you faster styling with the double barrel shape (you weave your hair in a figure eight style and can get a big lock of … [Read more...]

For years, I've been hearing my friends Kelly and Jo-Lynne talk about eating gluten-free.  I've listened curiously but without much personal attachment to the subject. Then a couple of weeks ago, my vegan sister told me that she had gone gluten-free.  And that she's lost 30 lbs doing it and all of her skin problems (bad eczema she's had since … [Read more...]

If you follow any of my game reviews, you know I'm a big fan of dancing Wii games.   Anything that gets me or my kids moving  is a big plus in my opinion.  I still regularly work out to Ubisoft's Dance Party 2 when I can't make it to the gym.  It's a huge workout when you do it for an extended period of time!  My kids like to dance along with me … [Read more...]