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I originally made this one for Christmas Day.  I was looking for something with few ingredients that my kids would like and I came across this recipe for Emeril's Breakfast Casserole on the Food Network.  It was delish but I made a few tweaks for New Years to make it even more kid and family friendly. (No green onions, more sausage and … [Read more...]

I have to thank my Twitter buddy @WickedGood for telling me about this one.  My kids and their friends are loving Toca Boca's Hair Salon, a fun little app where you run a hair salon and get to do all sorts of fun things to your customer's hair. It works on the iPad, iPhone and iPod and Toca Boca Hair Salon costs $1.99 in the iTunes store. … [Read more...]

Yah yah probably most of you know about Words with Friends but this app may be used on my iPad more than anything else.  It's basically Scrabble without the name Scrabble.  It's good fun for all ages and you play friends around the world.  I think I currently have a good 12 games going. It's all ages too - Nate (8) has been playing with some … [Read more...]

This is how my kids described this game to me:  "Mom, it's really cool.  You're a cat with a Pop Tart body and you have to fly and catch things while you poop out rainbows." There you go people.  I don't really think that's what it's supposed to be but now that's all I think about when I look at this game.  There's not much to it other than … [Read more...]

For my kids and apparently tons of other kids according to my Facebook friends, Skylanders Spryo's Adventure is the game hit of the season. If you have a game system, this one is available to you: it comes for the Wii, Nintendo 3DS, Xbox 360, Playstation or PC. Just about any kid can participate in this game. The appeal? Little characters that … [Read more...]

I continue to use Qwiki, which I reviewed within the first few days of getting an iPad earlier in the year.  This app and website is like a Wikipedia for your iPad.  You can query just about anything and it'll bring back beautiful pictures and an audio tour of whatever you are looking for information about. Use it online if you don't have an … [Read more...]

You may have seen Julep in In Style, Allure, US Weekly or another magazine. They are a nail salon that provides only the best in nail trends and fashion. All of the products are all natural - no nasty chemicals or artificial nonsense in these products! So with the launch of Julep Maven, you can join an awesome program that brings you the latest … [Read more...]

My nephew told us about this one.  There's not much to it but it's addicting, quick fun and free!  You're a treasure hunter being chased by crazy monkeys and you have to jump, slide and turn. And the best part, it's free!  Get Temple Run on the store. … [Read more...]

Okay okay, I know I'm obsessed with posting about this both here on Mommies with Style and on Facebook but you guys do not understand the insanity that was this tree. Unfortunately the beginning of the video is a little blurry (I think I  need to learn to export these videos with a higher quality) but you have to stick through until the end and … [Read more...]

Embargoed until today is the news that the new American Girl doll for 2012 will be McKenna Brooks.  According to the press release, she's into gymnastics and stuggling in school. She ends up having to get a school tutor and keeps it a secret.  She also apparently befriends a handicapped girl in a wheelchair. Not much more info but I'm … [Read more...]