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So these are my hands.  I snapped these photos earlier today when I was out on a run.  Today and tomorrow are supposed to be on the warmer side here in Philly so I decided to take advantage and get outside in the fresh air. But I wasn't prepared - it wasn't as warm as I thought and I have a little annoying thing called Raynaud's Disease, which … [Read more...]

So if you or your kids are As Seen on TV junkies like us, you may have witnessed the commercials for Wuggle Pets. While not exactly the same, Wuggle Pets remind me of the Build-A-Bear experience.  Here's how it works. Kids get a unstuffed animal and using the Wuggle Pet Kit they can stuff their pets at home with stuffing, magic dust and adorable … [Read more...]

Normally I wouldn't do a movie theater review, but my family and I went to see an early screening of Big Miracle over the weekend and I just had to throw a post up here on how amazing it was.  Nate (8) is now calling it one of his favorite movies of all time and my husband and I were both riveted during the film. The movie is based on a true … [Read more...]

Okay guys, this app is AWESOME.  I saw Lindsay posting about this on Facebook and knew I had to download it.  Called Stack the States, you have to answer various trivia questions with a multiple choice answer of 4 possibilities. Kids learn about state capitols, state geography and so much more.  (Which state houses which National Park and so … [Read more...]

If I hadn't just bought a $20 Stylus for my iPad, I'd be all over this one!  Check out this deal for a 3-pack of Universal Touch Screen Stylus Pen (Red, Silver & Black) for $1.99 with free shipping. Not sure why it's so cheap, they must be trying to clear out supplies but it's too good to pass up if you don't have a Stylus and are looking for … [Read more...]

This Aerobed for Kids (Amazon, $79.99) product has won my loyalty for life.  We've been using this product since Nate (8) was two years old and continue to recommend it and purchase it when need be.  (One recently popped so we've ordered a new one.  Plus the grandparents have this as well thanks to our recommendation) What can I say?  This … [Read more...]

After posting a little over a week ago about how my stupid 30-something body does not want to let me lose weight easily, I've been slowly losing my exercise mojo. Another week gone by of working hard and I stayed the same in my weight. So this week, I've totally lost it. I know how this story goes because it's happened before - I bust myself for … [Read more...]

Recently, I had to research a style piece for jewelry trends for the spring and summer.  The overwhelming consensus with those "in the know" with fashion trends was that colored or colorful jewelry (and bold) is going to be the trend in the coming months. Why not get a jump start on the spring with some of these colorful pieces of jewelry?  If … [Read more...]

Hey Moms, remember that awesome 12 Days of Giveaways I did over Christmas?  One of the giveaways we had was an awesome giveaway from Cracker Barrel. Now, back by popular demand, we have another giveaway from Cracker Barrel! Did you know that not only is Cracker Barrel a restaurant but they have a store attached to everyone restaurant where you … [Read more...]

It’s time to celebrate the new “arrival” of Disney Baby’s brand new website Join us tonight to talk about those magical moments with a new baby . Be sure to check out this brilliant new website which is very interactive and lets parents uploading and share magical moments from their own babies lives – 1st smiles, messy … [Read more...]