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My latest tv obsession is the CW tv show Gossip Girl.  I know, I know, it's a little sad how I love these teenage angst shows but really this one is so good!  The last four seasons are available on Netflix so I've slowly been making my way through the seasons. So when I got this press release about Leighton Meester (Blair, on Gossip Girl) … [Read more...]

Thirty One Gifts is the leading provider of fun, stylish and functional products for women, their families and the home. From signature purses and totes, to storage solutions that help organize your life, there’s something to fit every personality and situation.  The name Thirty-One comes from the verses of Proverbs 31 in the Bible that … [Read more...]

Looking for some super cute and unique Valentine's Day cards for your preschooler or young child to give out on Valentine's Day? Look no further than these adorable Valentine's Day cards from Peaceable Kingdom. I know I'm especially enamored with the Super Fun Packs. These are not just Valentine's Day cards - depending on which you pick, they … [Read more...]

Two of the cutest new baby toys out from Bright Starts include the Bright Starts Having A Ball Alphabet Pop Top (Amazon, $29.99) and the Bright Starts Roll & Chase Bumblebee (Amazon, $25). Cole (5) took one look at the Alphabet Pop Top and proclaimed that baby toys were much better today than they were when he was a baby.  (All those … [Read more...]

This is still my favorite shampoo to use on my 8 & 5 year old, despite the fact that they are well beyond baby age! I've always loved the Aveeno brand for how well their products work with my family's sensitive skin. So I noticed has 20% off on the Aveeno Baby products - time to stock up!  Free shipping on orders over … [Read more...]

After that crazy snowstorm before Halloween, we were beginning to wonder when and if we'd see snow at all here in Philly! A little bit of snow and ice have graced our cars and driveway this morning: … [Read more...]

Sometimes I see a baby product and I think, man, I wish I had that when my kids were younger!  The Pognae Baby Carrier is one of them.  Soft and comfy, this baby carrier is one both you and your baby will love!  I was a huge fan of baby carrying with my youngest - it's so key to be hands free when you have more than one you have to deal with … [Read more...]

I've been pretty much living at the gym lately.  (Not that it's doing me any good.  Yet.)  Because of that, I'm needing like 5-6 different workout outfits a week and I had a lot less "cute" workout gear than I thought I did. So I'm in the market for some new workout gear.  Here's a few pieces I've been coveting online: Flattering cut on … [Read more...]

Lately, as I sweat my brains out at the gym, all I can think is that I should have done this when I was 27, not 37.   From a fitness perspective, I've gotten in better shape in recent years than I have been for most of my life.  I'm at the gym these days at least five days a week, doing hard workouts for an hour.  And I don't just go to the … [Read more...]

I think I may have been in denial for awhile about SOPA.  I heard about SOPA (Stop Online Piracy Act) peripherally and didn't pay too much attention at first - I mean, fighting online piracy sounds good to me. I've been blogging here on Mommies with Style for almost eight years now and I've been in online media for over fifteen years.  I've … [Read more...]