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Mad because I just bought this Gemma Wrap dress from Banana Republic last week with a 25% off coupon. An even better coupon is today's sale: use coupon code BRINDULGE to receive 30% off your entire order at Banana today only! … [Read more...]

I ordered these Neutrogena Makeup Remover Cleansing Towelettes from for $6.99 on a whim when I ran out of my last back of makeup remover towelettes. Love them.  They're gentle, remove my makeup quickly (even the waterproof mascara) and the best part - they seem to moisturize my face after use. Get them on for $6.99 … [Read more...]

I'm excited to announce that I'll once again be an Aveeno Ambassador for the upcoming year.  Periodically throughout the year, I'll be receiving Aveeno products to test out and review, if I want to.  Meaning, I'm only blogging about the ones I really love.  Which truthfully is most of them as I've long been an fan of Aveeno's products since before … [Read more...]

For the first time in awhile, I wore a pair of high heels yesterday when I was up in Manhattan. I was wearing jeans but wanted to dress up my look so I got a new pair of navy high heels and wore them for the day. Not only was I comfy in them all day, but I really forgot how sexy and fun a pair of nice heels can make a girl feel!  I love how … [Read more...]

My feet are still aching from a full day up in Manhattan yesterday. I went up to attend Strut, the Fashionable Mom Show as a part New York Fashion Week. My good bloggy friends Vera & Audrey were a big part of why this event happened and they were models themselves! In fact, I knew most of the models as most of them were real Moms and … [Read more...]

Hey all - by the time you read this post, I'll be on a train on my way to Manhattan for Fashion Week and Strut Moms, the first ever fashion show for Moms! Founded by several Moms, including my good bloggy friends Vera & Audrey, the show promises to be exciting and full of great ideas for stylish Momwear. I can't wait to report. But in the … [Read more...]

It feels like yesterday that my boys were babies sleeping in their crib.  And especially with Nate, my oldest, I remember constantly going in to check on him to make sure he was breathing, laying the right way and just generally happy.  Such a first time Mom! I didn't have a video monitor for Nate and I wish I had.  Of course even in 8 years, … [Read more...]

Must. Stay. Away.  These sitewide coupons to Piperlime are so tempting because they are so infrequent! I just know I'll be shopping later.  Check out at today and use coupon code XOXO to receive 15% off your entire order.  Click on the heart guys too and you'll see all of their cute red and pink picks - AH-dorable stuf! … [Read more...]

Happy Valentine's Day! There's a few sales going on today including this awesome one from Vera Bradley:  two prints, Make Me Blush and Loves Me are on sale 50% off through end of day Valentine's Day. … [Read more...]

I'm embarrassed to be sharing these before photos. The only reason I'm doing it is because I can post an after photo. Otherwise, I always thought that if anyone actually took a look at my laundry room they might apply on the sly for my family to appear on an episode of Hoarders. Our laundry room is in the middle of our first floor and pretty … [Read more...]