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Cracker Barrel is celebrating Mom this Mother's Day by giving away a $130 retail value Mother's Day gift basket to one lucky Mommies with Style reader! The basket contains special items from Cracker Barrel's new Romantic White collection, including a Woven Ribbon Handbag, as well as products to make Mom feel pampered, like J.R. Watkins Hand Cream. … [Read more...]

I've got a new mantra when I run. It's pretty simple, it's: Yes I can. I've been writing a lot more lately about running. I'm not new to running - I've been hitting the pavement since high school but I've never really progressed with my running and I've always been kind of slow. I've been a go out and run a couple of miles at most kind … [Read more...]

Recently, I've had a bit of a shoe obsession. But I'm also realizing that I'm having a situation where my eyes are a little bigger than my stomach. In other words, I see shoes that I adore and want but they just aren't practical. Do you ladies get what I'm saying? I recently ordered these Nine West Rocha Pumps from Amazon and they came … [Read more...]

Sometimes I laugh when I start to say these words but I have to say it: where was this product when my kids were little? It seems like the baby product industry has come so far since my babies were indeed babies and these Quick Install Gates from Munchkin are the kind of example I'm talking about. Watch this video below to see how strong and … [Read more...]

Get 30% off at right now when you click through their newsletter email (right here!) Some great Mom's Day gift ideas include this Family Circle Necklace - normally $149.95, on sale for $114.95 plus another 30% off Or this Family Tree Wall Art, $79.95 plus 30% off … [Read more...]

Did you know that today is National Admin Day? You may know it as National Secretaries Day but I think we've gone more PC and call it National Administrative Day. So here are some of the cool findings from a survey that Staples put out: This survey found that nearly two-thirds of respondents (65.2 percent) felt the office would be more … [Read more...]

In recent years, Earth Day (April 22nd) has become Earth Week and brands and bloggers over the world are discussing ways we can be more eco and earth friendly. Of course we should be eco-conscious year round but it's nice to have a week to focus and learn about ways we can be green 365 days a year. What about makeup? Makeup & beauty can … [Read more...]

A couple of months ago, I was at a friend's house for a party. A neighbor brought Mac & Cheese muffins, which was basically your regular homemade Mac & Cheese but rather than making it in a baking dish - they were made in a muffin tin. Everyone loved it! Everyone loves Mac & Cheese of course and by making them in the muffin tin they were finger … [Read more...]

Today only, in honor of Earth Day, get a full sized moisturizer and free shipping on with the purchase of $30 of other product. You pick - use coupon code EARTH to get the Starting Over moisturizer and coupon code DAY to get A Perfect World moisturizer. … [Read more...]

It was cool to see Supermodel Iman annnounce the Moms at this winter's STRUT, the Fashion Show for Moms. So I was interested to also hear that Iman has her own line of cosmetics for women of color! From the Iman Cosmetics website, IMAN Cosmetics is for "Women with Skin of Color", regardless of ethnicity. Iman has three basic shade ranges: … [Read more...]