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Thank you to … [Read more...]

Okay so I know I've been a little quiet on here lately but it's only because I've launched myself into a new project! And like any blogger knows, once you register that new domain it's like an addiction. It's all I can live and breathe until it's done. I've been coding and imaging and making all sorts of tweaks to my new site which is almost … [Read more...]

I'm a little more than a month into my gig over at the eBates Savvy Living Community and I'm having so much fun guys! I think I just really missed the old school message board where someone posts a thread and you chat away. Visit me! Please! I'd love to have some friends over there with me. Click on the "All" under Forum on the left to see … [Read more...]

Years ago, my sister in law brought these over to my house and we've been hooked ever since. This is a favorite summer snack for my boys (and me!) as it's so easy and totally addicting to eat. All you need is: -Waffle/Bite Sized Pretzels -Bag of Rolos (we used the single packs for these picts but usually use an entire bag) The most … [Read more...]

In the next six months, all sunscreen companies are required by the FDA to have new labels on their sunscreen bottles. Originally the change was set for June 6th; it's been delayed a few months but it's coming. Sunscreen that protects against both UVA and UVB rays will be labeled as "broad spectrum," which is what you want. Anything under … [Read more...]

What happened to spring? I really feel like I complain about this every year but it always feels like we go from cold to humid and hot within just a few weeks. My air-conditioning is already on and 65 degree weather is feeling 85 with the humidity that is only supposed to set in even more this weekend here on the east coast. So with this heat, … [Read more...]

I've known about the World Wildlife Fund "adoptions" for awhile now but it was only recently that I actually visited the site to check it out. Nate (8) spends a lot of his day concerned with animal welfare and watching Animal Planet and I realized this would be a great idea for him. For $50, you can symbolically "adopt" an animal on the World … [Read more...]

Someday he'll kill me for posting about this but I just have to laugh and tell you all that my 8-year-old has taken to stealing my new pair of Emu boots because they are so comfortable. I recently received a pair of Emu Stinger Lo's in Black and Nate just LOVES them. He claims they are his new pair of slippers and wears them all over the house … [Read more...]

I've long hung up my princess dress up clothes and play wand but that doesn't mean I still don't want to sparkle like a princess every now and again. Every girl still has a little bit of an inner princess in her, no matter what her age! That's what today's feature is something to help you get just a little fun and sparkle into your night out. … [Read more...]

Okay this one is just too awesome to pass up. Thru end of day tomorrow (5/22) you can not only get 25% off anything you buy at (use coupon code GAPLOVE) but if you go through if you have an account, you get 13% of your purchase CASH BACK into your account! … [Read more...]