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Looking for something fun to do in Philly tomorrow night? I thought Hershey's Track & Field Games looked like a blast for any families with kids who are aspiring runners - hopefully the rain will hold off: May 22, 2012 5:30 p.m. the Games begin! Charlie Martin Memorial Stadium North East High School Track 1601 Cottman … [Read more...]

So yesterday we took a family trip to a Phillies game. My boys hadn't been before so we thought yesterday was as good of a day as any to head over. My sister-in-law had tickets too so the boys were thrilled to be able to hang out with their cousins. (A little tip to go last minute with tickets if you can - we waited until the morning of the … [Read more...]

Recently I got a sample pack of goodies from Solo Cup. My fav in the pack? "My Solo Cups," which have peel off labels where you can scratch your name into the side. Love it, right? Because how many times have you put down your Red Solo Cup at a party on a table only to not be able to identify which one is yours minutes later. Now I have … [Read more...]

Poor Cole. He obviously has some sort of seasonal allergy to the grass/outdoors. We have a very far away allergist appointment to get the official word but I know he must have something like his Dad does - an allergy to grass, pollen or both. His eczema has been worse than ever these last few weeks and it directly correlates to when he plays … [Read more...]

So somehow I started getting a subscription to (If you're the one who subscribed me, speak now or forever hold your peace!) It's a mystery but I've been enjoying flipping through the pages of the last few issues. This dress totally caught my eye. I've been wanting to get a light, flowy white maxi dress for awhile. I went to … [Read more...]

I'm into my second month of my new gig over at the BlogFrog eBates community and I'm having so much fun! Once a month I'll be hosting a chat over there - it's all web-based and you can login via your BlogFrog or Facebook account and chat away right here on Mommies with Style! My topic for this month is Summer Travel - I know you all have a lot … [Read more...]

Seeing as the bulk of my pictures come from my iPhone now, I can't believe I didn't know about the Snapfish iPhone App sooner! I happened to find this when I was randomly checking in the App store for something else and am so happy to have discovered it. Do you take most of your family photos on your phone now? Do you take shots you wish you … [Read more...]

Use coupon code GAPGO25 to receive 25% off your order of regular priced merchandise on today and tomorrow only. These awesome coupon codes are gonna kill me! … [Read more...]

From about April-October, my kids have popsicle and Flavor Ice (we call them "Icey Pops" in our house) almost every day. And every day that I give them a popsicle, I have to also give them a paper towel to wrap around the popsicle because they complain about cold hands if I don't. Enter the IceHuggy, which is really such a simple yet handy … [Read more...]

Uh-oh, my credit card's in trouble with this one. Athleta coupon codes are few and far between so I'll be taking advantage of this one: 4-days only, 20% off all sale items at with EXTRA20. Free shipping, too! … [Read more...]