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So technicaly this one isn't a Fashion Friday for the ladies. Sorry for the little cheat today, but I was excited about this shopping haul I had for my kids at Walmart for some back to school clothes and had to share today! Basically I was given $75 to get a week's worth of clothes at Walmart for one of my kids for back to school. Seeing as my … [Read more...]

Here's what back-to-school really means: back to schedules, back to homework and of course, back to making lunches. This school year, my first grader started back to school with this cool lunch carrier - the Rover Lunch Box from Planetbox. This eco-friendly, stainless steel lunch box has been a hit for my first grader (and me!) during the first two … [Read more...]

You guys like my title on this one? I bet it made you laugh but I also bet many of you can answer, yep, my guy's got hair I wish he'd pluck-shave-make disappear. I have the product for you! Check out the Philips Norelco BodyGrooming System(on sale $49.97 on with free shipping). It's a trimmer and shaver all in one and can be used … [Read more...]

I posted a bit this morning about my experience yesterday with Sofia Vergara in New York City and I already have some of the video footage to share. Hooray!  I had so much fun interviewing Sofia with my good friend Audrey from Mom Generations. So Sofia is the spokesperson for Diet Pepsi and their current campaign revolves around a study they … [Read more...]

It's still a little surreal to me that this was my yesterday. Yes, this: I was invited by Diet Pepsi (Sofia is their spokesperson) to Manhattan along with my good blogging friend Audrey and was given the chance to interview Sofia Vergara (Modern Family) in her "closet." It was tons of fun and she was wonderful! She was very gracious and … [Read more...]

While I had heard of Nexxus hair products before, I had never used them before. I received an email from some of their PR folks about these great hair style ideas from Nexxus - all with Nexxus products that you can buy right at your local Walmart! The options were: -Elegant Side Chignon -Hollywood Waves -Weekend Chic -Smooth & … [Read more...]

I just love the abundance of prenatal products that are available for expecting Moms these days. Where was all this cool stuff when I was pregnant? When I was pregnant with my first, I took these big purple horse pills as a prescribed prenatal vitamin and I wanted to puke for a good half hour after I took them each day. Now pregnant women have … [Read more...]

Today's post is about a stroller that's a fabulous stroller that works well for pretty much any situation you can envision yourself in with a little one and a stroller. Having been through the toddler stage with two kids now, I really appreciate the stroller that can work in various situations and the Jeep Wrangler Sport Jogger is one of those … [Read more...]

A couple of years ago at a conference, I stopped at the Lee Jeans booth. I'm gonna tell you guys right now - my impression of Lee Jeans before that moment (not that I gave it much thought) was that they reminded me of the 80s and the stonewashed jeans I wore in middle school. That, and the impression (although I'm not sure where I got this from) … [Read more...]

Sometime over the winter, a friend of mine posted a video of this guy, Spandy Andy. He was dancing around to "I'm Sexy And I Know It" on a beach in Australia in a pair of speedos. It was hysterical. The part that had me laughing the most was people's reactions. Spandy Andy was just having so much fun and everyone around him couldn't help but … [Read more...]