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Still waiting to hear if we'll actually have Trick or Treating tomorrow in our area as Sandy came through and has done some damage! Apparently some townships have rescheduled for the weekend but we're still awaiting word. Whatever day it is, I'm well stocked for candy and non-candy items to give out! Aside giving out Stop Zombie Mouth cards, I … [Read more...]

Sunday I had posted how we were prepping for Sandy. It was weird - when Irene hit here last year, we were visiting my parents in Florida. I remember not sleeping well the night it hit - obsessively checking Facebook and Twitter to see how friends were back home. I also remember feeling I wish I were home to just check on our house, our cats, etc … [Read more...]

Last month I had the chance to watch a 30 lb. weight slammed 9,000 times onto the bottom rail of a baby crib. This is just one of over a dozen different tests Delta Children's Product performs on every model of crib they make. Delta Children's Products invited me along with a few other bloggers to one of their testing facilities located in … [Read more...]

It occurred to me only a bit ago that no electric means that I won't be able to post for a few days. Kind of amazing that that thought only *just* occurred to me - that I can't post! Normally not posting would definitely be top of my to-do totem pole but I'll admit I'm a bit freaked out about the impending storm and not thinking about blogging as … [Read more...]

I am positively IN LOVE with my new necklace from Isabelle Grace Jewelry. Check out this gorgeousness: Amazing, right? I have an N and a C, one for each boy. I also have a small stone charm for each - matching their birthstones. And the back of each charm? (not pictured) It has each of their birthdates. I'm telling all you men out there … [Read more...]

In a post a few days ago, I revealed my latest organization secret to managing the clutter of motherhood - Evernote. From important emails to holiday gift ideas, work notes to beauty products to try, Evernote lets me keep all of my random bits information for work, life, house, friends and motherhood in one easily searchable place. But it gets even … [Read more...]

Fall is such a fun time... hayrides, candy, being outside, enjoying the weather. Why not do all of those things, while at the same time enjoying rides, shows, and your favorite friends from Sesame Street? We had the opportunity to do just that at Sesame Place this month and enjoyed their Halloween Spooktacular event! If you have never been to … [Read more...]

Last month, I shared a post with you guys on Finding the Right Pair of Sunglasses.  The post was in honor of a new ambassador program and relationship I have with VSP Vision Care.  I'm really enjoying working with them. They already happened to be my eye care provider, but there was a ton I didn't know about them, like the fact that they are … [Read more...]

Seventh Generation has just made cleaning more of your house easier - and safer - with their new line of specialty products. As you would expect from this eco-friendly leader, all products are non-toxic, biodegradable, free of phosphates and scented only with essential oils. Wood Cleaner: Scented with calming Lemon Chamomile, this cleanses, … [Read more...]

How many times have you guys done this? Put your makeup on in the morning, checked it, thought it looked good and walked out the door. Then, like 6 hours later, you catch a glimpse of yourself and you realize your makeup's off and you've got some shine going on that you'd otherwise have not be there? Enter Neutrogena's new Shine Control line. … [Read more...]