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Looking at my calendar for the next month, I feel like I should book myself some time to breathe.  It's one holiday party after the next!  It can be tiring but I also love it at the same time.  And of course with all of these holiday parties, what do we need but some nice holiday looks and clothes, right? Before I talk clothes, today we're … [Read more...]

Getting excited for this one guys!  How many of you are wearing the right bra size?  Think you are??  There's a good chance you aren't! (Here I am getting sized by Barely There last month!  I happened to be wearing the right size this time but there have been plenty of times I've been measured and wrong!) Come chat with us tonight to … [Read more...]

This gift guide is sponsored by Downy Unstopables. Downy Unstopables in-wash scent booster makes the perfect stocking stuffer or gift for your family’s fitness fanatic. They provide a fantastic freshness to your stinky active wear and workout gear that will last for up to twelve weeks out of storage. Downy Unstopables comes in three scents: … [Read more...]

I first saw the Magna Color 3D Magnetic Design Station ($29.99, at a conference last summer.  It's a neat little toy.  Small dots are placed on the magnetic board with those pens you see pictured.  Kids can design whatever they want, or they can use the pages that come with the toy to design already preset pictures.  They can then … [Read more...]

I listed the Barbie Photo Fashion Doll ($39.99) as one of my top 10 Holiday Toy Picks for Girls this holiday season and I stand by it - this is a fun product! Using the embedded digital camera (on Barbie!) you can take pictures and then turn them into the picture on Barbie's shirt.  Seriously, technology is amazing, right?  What will they … [Read more...]

It really seems gets more and more fun with each Just Dance release from Ubisoft.  The latest is Just Dance 4 ($25 on Amazon with free shipping), and it's out just in time for the holidays with a huge selection of hits and songs you'll recognize and have a blast getting your groove on to with. The fun thing about the Just Dance games is that … [Read more...]

OMG people.  O.M.G. That seems to be the only appropriate thing to say over this one. For the last several years, I've been working hard to work out regularly and eat right.  I've been doing well for almost three years now thanks to 5+ days a week of exercising and daily logins with  But this past Thanksgiving weekend … [Read more...]

This Gift Guide is sponsored by the Tide to Go Stain Eraser. Tide's Tide to Go Stain Eraser helps remove even tough grease stains while "on the go" with a combination of a powerful cleaning solution that breaks stations down and a micro-fiber pad that lifts and absorbs them. The Tide to Go Stain Eraser helps remove on-the-go stains such as … [Read more...]

My kids and their friends were beyond excited when they heard we'd be having a Batman Power Attack at the house. Thanks to MomSelect, I received the following products to host a party at our house: BATMAN POWER ATTACK Basic Figures- Batman never shies away from a mission and always possesses courage and strength even in the most perilous … [Read more...]

While road tripping over the last weekend, we popped the new Cat in the Hat Knows A lot About Christmas DVD ($8.99 on Amazon). They were totally enthralled! Here's the write-up about it on Amazon: This adventure finds the Cat in the Hat, Nick and Sally on a journey around the world to help a lost reindeer find his way home … [Read more...]