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Want to get a little something for Mom but do it without breaking the bank? I know that my boys have gotten me little items in previous years (so cute!) so it's nice to have an idea of some little gift ideas for Valentine's Day that are cute, appreciated but won't cost a fortune! Here's 14 gift ideas under $25 to bring a little happiness to Mom on … [Read more...]

Pregnant?  I thought this was such a cute app worthy of a mention: BellySnaps.  You can take a maternity photo and then use the app to decorate it with cute borders and tag it with how many months pregnant you are! They have cute borders for photo birth announcements too!  Get Belly Snaps on iTunes for $.99   … [Read more...]

My skin tone has changed.  Is that possible?  I have a new winter face that I've never had before.  It's pale for sure, but not quite as pale as I normally am.  And it's just a different shade than it used to be.  Old age?   Or maybe it's my new You're-Pushing-40 face.  Either way, the normal foundations and tinted moisturizers i had used in the … [Read more...]

So check out what had recently happened to one of the corners in my kitchen.  With two elementary-school aged kids coming home with homework each weekday, we're always in need of the usuals - crayons, colored pencils, pencils, glue sticks and scissors.  While I have a neat little organized area in my laundry room for arts & crafts, we had … [Read more...]

Any Peppa Pig fans out there? If so, you definitely have to check out this new app - Peppa Pig - Happy Mrs Chicken. It's $2.99 and available on iTunes; it released this month. It's a cute little app with sharp, engaging images for the tablet savvy and smart phone using preschooler. My Kindergartener has been testing out this app and having tons … [Read more...]

Every year I have the, "that's it, we're moving south" conversation with hubby around this time. It doesn't help that this week we've hit incredible lows here in Philly - not only has it been colder this week than it has in over two years here, but one friend in Twitter told me that we've been colder than ALASKA this week. Alaska, people!  Where … [Read more...]

As I write this, I'm onto day 5 of nursing my 9 year old, who is home sick with the flu. (I posted earlier this week if you're in the same boat as me and want to see how I'm nursing him - What You Need to Help Your Kids Get Through the Flu.)  I didn't want my fitness routine to suffer and I had hubby around over the weekend so I could scoot out to … [Read more...]

Hubby and I are both easy going people when it comes to certain things and we generally agree on most points. But there's one thing we have been arguing about in our 11 years of marriage - the temperature of the house! I know I'm not the only one who can relate to this argument. Thankfully in recent years of our marriage, we've both given a little … [Read more...]

Ooooh Banana Republic really just knows what it takes to get me to click.  Combine a comment about happy hour and big shopping discounts and I'm running for the hills hand in hand with Banana Republic, not even giving it a thought or a glance back! TODAY ONLY.  Banana Republic is having 40% off all of their dresses between 5-8 pm of your local … [Read more...]

Color me excited.  It's possible I hugged the box when my sample box of goodies came from Suave.  Inside: a bottle of Suave Professionals Moroccan Oil Color Infusion Shampoo ($4.59 on Amazon), Suave Professionals Color Infusion Moroccan Oil Conditioner($6.20 on Amazon), Suave Professionals Moroccan Oil Color Infusion Styling Oil ($6.99 on … [Read more...]