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So many toys. We go through so many toys in our house. I feel like it's out of control and every few months I'll go through the basement and have a mass purging out of frustration.  If I'm good, I donate the toys that are still in decent shape to our local preschool.  Other times, I bag everything up for Goodwill.  And when I'm reeeeeally … [Read more...]

As I ramp up my running training for Broad Street (10 mile race here in Philly in May), I've been interested in energy drinks and foods that will help boost my overall health and energy. So it was timely to hear from Omega Infusion a zero calorie energy drink.  It's available in four flavors which contains 80mg of healthy‚ Omega-3s (EPA/DHA) with … [Read more...]

My 6 year old's latest favorite game? This board game from Wonder Forge Nickelodeon™ Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles™ Clash Alley™ Strategy Board Game that we have been testing out. Lots of battling and running around (perfect for boys!) in this 3D game where you have to move your Ninja Turtle around the board, up and down stairs & battle the … [Read more...]

I'm literally watching snow come down in my backyard, AGAIN, as I type this on Monday the 25th.  I'm so over this whole never-ending winter here in Philly.  It's gross and it's cold.  BRING ON SPRING! Thankfully, I'm so there mentally.  We're headed to Orlando later this week and I've been getting ready by continuing to use Jergens Natural Glow on … [Read more...]

Remember when everything in an office was gray file cabinets and puke-yellow colored manila envelopes?  We can look back at those as the Dark Ages of ugly offices and happily decorate and organize today's office with pretty and functional office products like those from Martha Stewart's Office Line at Staples! People, this stuff is cuuuuuuuuute! … [Read more...]

I'm ALL about layering these days. In fact, I'd say my go-to jewelry piece is always a bracelet or something on my wrist. Trumps a necklace or earrings. Bracelets, and layered ones, are the first thing I put on each day. Add on a cool watch and I'm good to go!  Check out my new Judith Ripka watch from QVC that I got this week.  Retail value is … [Read more...]

If this cold weather will actually get the hint that winter's over and move out, we can start enjoying some colorful and bright spring trends! Love the colorful flat - as it warms up we can go sock free with some flats that add a little flair and fun to your look. Here's a few picks - hopefully we'll get some nice weather her in the mid-Atlantic so … [Read more...]

The kids don't know it yet but we're headed down to Orlando next week for spring break! After the long winter we've had (and now what looks like a cold spring), some sunshine could not come soon enough. But of course with sunshine comes sun damage and bringing our pale white Philadelphia skin down to the Florida sunshine calls for some … [Read more...]

Hi guys, I'm so excited to share that a new design is in the works for Mommies with Style!  I've been jonesing for a new look for awhile now and I'm really excited about this new designer and what's to come! If things look a little wonky over the next week or two, you know why!  We'll be putting it together and there's bound to be some … [Read more...]

My kids had fun last weekend playing with these Hide 'em and Hatch 'em Eggs ($8.95 on Amazon).  Anything they can soak in water and transform is a hit in this house! Set these eggs in water and three toys will hatch.  It takes up to 18 hours and my kids were totally impatient and helped things along!  I'd say it was about 8 hours before the 3 … [Read more...]