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A big fashion trend for 2013 is Chevron. It's everywhere lately and I kind of love it! I'm seeing it everyone so I lined up a couple of really great Chevron-print items that I'm drooling over for this summer's fashion season. What do you think?: 1) Sea Island Chevron Tunic, $44 at 2) Chevron Stripe Shift Dress, … [Read more...]

Memorial Day Weekend at the beach is always a fun time when we get together with extended family.  This year, we ended up at the Jersey shore with my hubby's brother and sister and their families.  We had a couple of days of cooler weather and the kids were entertained by a variety of games including this one that was new to us - Silly Stix, … [Read more...]

Last week, I was picked up for a fun evening out for P&G's Have You Tried This Yet? campaign. Last year I had taken five friends to be a part of this group and we went to a cooking class in Philadelphia. This time, Colleen was hosting and she invited me and some of her friends to a local spa for hair, make-up and massages! Twist my arm, right?! … [Read more...]

Last week, I headed out for a night of fun with Colleen for her P&G Try It party.  More to come on that but for today's Best of Beauty, I wanted to highlight a product I tried that night and have since been obsessed with! It's COVERGIRL & Olay's Tone Rehab 2+1 Foundation ($14.99 on  I'm always talking about how I love a … [Read more...]

Woohoo summer!  Memorial Day Weekend snuck up on us all, I think!  But I'm celebrating as it's the unofficial start of summer. I love summer for about a bazillion reasons, one of them being summer fashions and bright color trends.  Bright colors and the abundant sunshine just scream fun and happiness to me. Today, I'm celebrating the start … [Read more...]

Last year, Lands' End launched the National Swimsuit Confidence Week campaign. For a week last year, Lands End asked women to stand up and be proud of their body in their swimsuit.  I thought it was an awesome campaign. The 1% of you reading this who have bodies that look like the models in the magazines, you can move along.  This post is for … [Read more...]

Any parent can appreciate a product that offers versatility.  Versatility and ease of use are so important when you have a baby too - you have enough on your hands than adding a million hard-to-figure out products into the mix! Love journeyBee from ParentLab for being one of these all-in-one easy to use products that offers a new Mom so much … [Read more...]

I totally cried. Watch this video of a woman being interviewed in Oklahoma as she finds her lost dog. … [Read more...]

How's this for a bit of a depressing fact - women's eyes age 36% faster than the rest of their body. Are you surprised?  I'm not!  I have always hated the crows feet around my eyes and how they have definitely started giving an indication of my age! A recent study indicates the earliest signs of aging  often appear around the eyes, beginning … [Read more...]

One of the products I took note of on my latest press trip with Hanes was their new X-Temp technology for men's products.  Here's a pict of the X-Temp 3-pack of Boxer Briefs. These days there's all s0rts of brands making expensive cooling products you can use for working out and I love that this type of technology is going mainstream with an … [Read more...]