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Hold the presses, people! Athleta has put out a 20% off coupon code that works thru tomorrow. They almost never have a coupon code so take advantage! My poor credit card! Use coupon code 20FIREDUP thru June 30th at … [Read more...]

It boggles my mind that fourth of July is next week - this summer is already seeming to fly by!  I feel like Memorial Day weekend was just yesterday.  Since we only have 6 days 'til the 4th, I thought I'd highlight some fun Red, White & Blue fashion for next week. ELLE Crochet Maxi Dress, Kohl's Normally $68.00, on sale for … [Read more...]

Mom confession: I'm terrible with my kid's artwork. I rarely save it. I always pat myself on the back and thank myself for my future daughter in law that I'm not saving every little trinket and bit that comes home with my kids because year after year, it can add up! I try and save just one or two really special pieces each year from my boys and … [Read more...]

For the second year in a row, I'm working with VSP Vision Care to bring you occasional posts about eye health. Did you know that research has shown that 50 percent of vision problems are preventable through early detection and follow-up care? VSP and Transitions Optical recently partnered for community outreach events in Nashville in early … [Read more...]

This one is so random, I had to share.  Although I have to say, if I were living on my own in a big city, carrying one of these around is kind of tempting and the case is cute? It's called BlingSting and it's $25 and it tucks away in your purse.  Looks like a lipstick case! … [Read more...]

On a recent trip to P&G's headquarters in Cincinnati, I had the opportunity to sit down and test out a bunch of beauty products. (soooooo fun!) One of the products that stood out for me for both quality and cost reasons was COVERGIRL's Clump Crusher Mascara.  It went on lightly, lasted all night and didn't clump.  It's also $6.89 on … [Read more...]

It was 3rd grade and we had moved to a new state.  I was the new kid again and struggling to fit in.  I had already had a rough new-kid entry as the week before two girls on the playground had told me that the skirt I was wearing was ugly and stupid.  I remember throwing away the skirt and never wearing it again, I was so upset by their … [Read more...]

We're chatting with the writers of Despicable Me 2 and giving away a custom skinned Despicable Me 2 iPad Mini plus lots more despicably cool prizes for fans tonight at 8 PM EST. I hope you can make the fun! Check out all the details here. When: Monday June 24th Where: #Despicable2chat Time: 8:00 PM EST -9:00 PM EST Hosts: @ClassyMommy … [Read more...]

So I'm back from a family road trip to Ohio. I had been invited to a quick trip to the Proctor & Gamble offices in Cincinnati for a two day conference with a few bloggers. I jumped on the opp since my parents and sister live out that way too and we spent the full week out there! The trip was a ton of fun and I really had a fab time the days … [Read more...]

In-store only! If my kids saw this, they'd drag me to Toys R Us by any means possible by June 29th! Now through June 29th, you can put $1 down and reserve Skylanders SwapForce for when it comes out in October later this year. I'm sure other retailers will follow soon and I definitely recommend doing it as Skylanders are still crazy popular and I … [Read more...]