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Recently, my iPhone went through a little PMS moment and decided not to play my music for me.  Whatever it was, I couldn't figure out how to get it to play music (with or without headphones) for two days.  It miraculously cured itself after 48 hours but I had a run in the middle of it all and had to run in silence.  It was weird! I know tons … [Read more...]

Hey all. Remember earlier this month when I took a couple of friends and we went for pedicures thanks to a campaign I'm doing with Skinny Cow? Well Friday was my birthday, which turned out to be fab timing because I was off to Nordstrom for an appointment with a personal shopper to help me try on some great styles and pieces so I could look stylish … [Read more...]

Man I'm trying soooo hard not to go nuts with this one. You can use coupon code CLOSET to receive 25% off tons of designer and new fall boots on starting today through August 1st. … [Read more...]

Check this out - Fisher-Price has a new line of nursery furniture at  I didn't even know that Fisher-Price made furniture!  This new line of nursery items is both cute looking and super affordable.  I mean seriously, you can not beat these prices.  To give you an idea?  You can get a crib for as low as $119.00 with free shipping … [Read more...]

Made this one really impromptu the other night when I realized I didn't have the ingredients for the Baked Stuffed Chicken I was trying to make.  I took a look at what was in the fridge and made do and everyone loved it! Feta, Tomato & Basil Stuffed Chicken Ingredients: -Cherry or Grape Tomatoes -Feta Cheese (one tub) -Fresh Basil -3-4 … [Read more...]

Did you guys catch Teen Beach Movie ($17.96 on Amazon) when it was on the Disney Channel last week?  My kids are big Ross Lynch and Austin & Ally fans so they were bummed that we were out of town when it was on and miffed that I forgot to DVR it! It's played a few times but we keep missing it so they were thrilled to get the DVD in the … [Read more...]

You know when you were a kid and you tried to stuff as many Hubba Bubba gum pieces in your mouth to see how much you could chew? It was a mouthful, right? Check this people: Today, I am 39 years old. Big mouthful of too much only I can't spit any of it out. Everyone says it but as you age, it's really truly hard to believe your number actually … [Read more...]

It took all of 5 minutes from the time I received the email from my Stella & Dot rep & friend Jen for me to get shopping and drooling over some of the new fall items from Stella & Dot.  I still had some credits to use up from a party I had in the early spring and it certainly didn't take me long to find something to spend them on. I … [Read more...]

I'm all about labeling when it comes to my kids and school. I have gone so far as to label favorite pencils. (True story.) Stuff gets misplaced and lost so easily at school plus I just adore our Mabel's Labels that I have for my kids. Every year I get a pack with each of their full names so we'll be set for the year and I go nuts with labeling … [Read more...]

Every March/April it starts up on Facebook.   Mom friends start posting about camp scheduling and the "uh-oh, summer's closing in on me and I have to get planning" posts.  I get sucked in with the same panic and most summers we've been what I feel is overscheduled - camps, vacations and just generally running around in the same way we do in the … [Read more...]