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I do love my flip flops in the summer but right about now I start craving some boots and closed toe shoes. Here are some picks I made for great fall shoes.  What do you think? Miranda Zip Frye Boots, normally $299 on sale for $239 on Piperlime Ashley Bow Ballet Flat, normally $98, on sale for $58 on DV by Dolce Vita Joust … [Read more...]

A couple of years back when I was writing for AOL, I featured Safety Tat on their homepage.  Safety Tat are temporary tattoos like the tattoos you get at a kids party.  You stick them on your kids arm and they last for several days.  In my opinion, they are perfect for a vacation to Disney or when you are traveling somewhere crowded.  You can … [Read more...]

Did you catch my second mission last month with Skinny Cow? I got to go to Nordstrom and shop with a personal shopper!  Seriously that may have been one of the most fun shopping experiences I have ever had!  And before that?  My first mission was a trip to the local nail salon for pedicures with friends. My assignment for mission #3 came in … [Read more...]

QVC recently wrote me about Beauty's Best, a 25-hour event kicking off Friday, August 23 at 11pm ET and continuing all day August 24. They've taken their top selling beauty products and will allow users to vote on the very best. Beginning Thursday, August 22 at midnight ET, you can begin voting here: What I was … [Read more...]

Happened to notice that these Minecraft t-shirts at are now on sale - we paid full price a few weeks ago!  My kids get comments ALL. THE. TIME when they are wearing these.  Just yesterday in Hershey, Nate had one of his tees on and apparently some kid in line said to him, "dude, do you even hear me talking to you?  I'm talking to you … [Read more...]

While I'm thankful that I personally don't suffer from seasonal allergies, my house has two victims of seasonal allergies every fall - my hubby and my youngest son.  Neither of them seem to like the grass and pollens that fly around outside during the fall and someone always seems to be reacting.  Hubby gets a runny nose for week and my son gets … [Read more...]

True story: I've lived less than an hour and a half drive from Hershey, PA for the last 12 years and I had never been to visit until this weekend. Yesterday, thanks to Chevrolet, my family got the chance to finally visit Hershey Park. Chevrolet is actually a sponsor of the park and they have something unique going on that I haven't seen at any … [Read more...]

More fun from Polyvore after I had fun putting together last week's Fashion Friday outfit! This week I was going for casual Labor Day weekend BBQ with friends. The heels are an add-on for heading out that evening. What do you think? Again, I tried to keep everything to a reasonable storefront and price. White House Black Market, Stella & … [Read more...]

Last week, I got to the gym for one of my regular Step classes and noticed we had a new teacher.  Our usual instructor was on vacation and the sub explained she would be doing a mix of things.  I've been going to this particular class for over six years and it pretty much has the same routine each week. In fact, I have "favorite" classes that … [Read more...]

No joke - this product pictured on the right is a CELL PHONE CHARGER!  I'm serious!  It looks like a cool lipstick case, right?  It's the HALO Pocket Power Charger for cell phones and other electronics and it tucks right into your purse. It's not only super functional as an extra charger on the go but it's like carrying a cute accessory - … [Read more...]