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Fall may be my favorite season for makeup and beauty products. I just love neutral tones and colors and get so excited when the fall rolls around and it's that time of year that those neutrals are in-season. I've seen people going nuts pinning some great fall colors so I collected some of the best to feature them here. This first one got over 100 … [Read more...]

Obviously it's a no brainer that as a Mom, I'm going to love anything that's both entertaining to my kids and educational.  Reeves Toys makes several products that fit the bill as one of these toys and they are great this time of year as we're all thinking back-to-school. For toddlers, they have things like this Scrambled Eggs Toy ($10), which … [Read more...]

One of my biggest pet peeves with collages people feature from Polyvore are the prices and the accessibility of the products featured. There's nothing worse than seeing a cute outfit and clicking on one of the items only to find out that the item is $2000 at Harrods and you have to pay another $200 to have it shipped to the US. But I sometimes … [Read more...]

For the second year in a row, I’m working with VSP Vision Care and I love this latest info I get to bring you today.  VSP is involved in a campaign right for back to school to benefit up to 25,000 Little Brothers & Sisters as they head back to school. Did you know that an estimated 15 million kids will go back to school this fall with … [Read more...]

Use coupon code EXTRA15 to receive 15% off one item at checkout at, or click through to print out a coupon to use in-store.  Good at too. I just used it!  I pre-ordered the Skylanders Swap Force Starter Kit with a bonus Hex and the total with shipping came to $72 so it was a few bucks off what I would have paid otherwise - … [Read more...]

Rather than buying baby a different pacifier as they grow, here's a new option.  Brand new to the US, Difrax's 3-stage pacifier system offers a colorful, stylish pacifier system that grows and develops with your baby. Each paci works for a different stage of your baby's development.  And you can select from two styles - Classic, which resembles … [Read more...]

So I just ordered two new lunchboxes for my kids. They both carry backpacks - Cole's backpack will be going on it's 3rd year and Nate got a new one last year so we're set there but every year I get them a new lunchbox. The lunchboxes always seem to take a beating no matter what the quality. Spilled yogurts, mashed up fruit, etc. I got … [Read more...]

Helping your hair dry faster is this ingenious little product from Goody Hair - the QuickStyle Half Round Brush with Microfiber Bristles ($11.99,  The microfiber bristles dry your hair 30% of water so you can style, blow dry all at once in less time. Nifty, huh?  I want one!  You can buy the Goody Hair QuickStyle Half Round Brush … [Read more...]

We're big Ocean Spray fans in our house!  I've been drinking Ocean Spray Cranberry Juice for pretty much as long as I can remember and hubby buys their craisins for his salads.  So I'm happy to announce a partnership and campaign going on with Ocean Spray for the next few weeks.  You can win big with this one so read below! Ocean Spray is … [Read more...]

One of my favorite purchases at last week's Anniversary Sale at Nordstrom were my Alex & Ani bangle bracelets. I had been hearing about Alex & Ani for years but it was when I passed a display in Nordstrom that I actually first laid eyes on their product.  These bracelets are meant to be layered and meant to be personal - you select the one … [Read more...]