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I'm such a Mom of boys. I definitely would not have appreciated this toy for all it's epic grossness before I had kids. What do you think? It's the Fart Piano, $19.99 on   What do you guys think?  Gross, entertaining or both? … [Read more...]

There's no one more popular in our house than Doc McStuffins! Now with our new Doc McStuffins Magic Talkin' Doc and Friends toy ($49.99) by Just Play; her pals Lambie and Stuffy are must-haves where ever we go. My almost three year old daughter Fiona lives for anything Disney and LOVES the doctor because of her pal Doc. She has her very own Doc … [Read more...]

While I've tested out a lot of monthly subscription boxes and love the concept, I think this one from may be one of my favorites for the kids.  We received a sample box a couple of weeks ago from this education/science themed monthly subscription box company and my kids just loved the experiments. Since it was October, we got a … [Read more...]

Last week we had our school's "Trunk or Treat," which is a fun event where you decorate the trunk of your car and let kids Trick or Treat in a parking lot to all of the trunks.  We had a big email about all of the allergies at school so I was happy to give out a non-food item as an option that I thought the kids would like.  They LOVED these!  I … [Read more...]

It doesn't look like much, right?  Looking at the picture, would you know what this product was for just by guessing?  I definitely had no clue! This is the Sarah Potempa WRAP UP, $12.00.  Using this product, you can put your hair into the perfect bun.  Really.  I was skeptical too.  I have fine hair that never holds anything so I was amazed … [Read more...]

This month, I brought you some fun photos of my shopping trip to Kmart and how we decked out the house with Kmart Halloween gear.  As you know, Halloween's in just a few days and now is the time to hit the sales!  You don't need to wait until after Halloween to get some great prices on Halloween decor and costumes. You can visit to … [Read more...]

Before this year, the last pair of Lee Jeans I owned was probably in the late 1980s. Like many brands, Lee Jeans brings back a lot of memories for some of us (many of them involving bad hair, am I right?). I had Lee Jeans tucked away in my memory as an 80s fashion brand but this year I learned, that's definitely not the case! Lee Jeans is still … [Read more...]

My first impression of the Stokke® Scoot stroller was while it was still in the box on my doorstep. I have a bit of an obsession with baby products, specifically strollers (this is my 6th stroller!) so I am no stranger to dirty mangled boxes being delivered to my house. With the Stokke® Scoot, this was not the case. The packaging was intact. The … [Read more...]

This is the game you want to dig out for a group family play after Thanksgiving dinner. It's so much fun. Called Kilter, it's a bit like Jenga with a twist and made by a company called Simply Fun. This game is all about balancing of pieces. Each team starts the game with a select number of blocks. You take turns placing them on the game board (the … [Read more...]

Twitter party alert! I'm co-hosting a great Twitter party tonight in anticipation of my Mom Mixer event that I co-host here in Philadelphia but the party tonight is for our title sponsor, Vaseline, and everyone (not just Philly) can participate and enter to win!  Details below: Twitter Party #SprayandGo Information PARTY … [Read more...]