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A big hit in our house recently is Kinetic Sand from Brookstone.  However they make it, it reminds me of a cross between beach sand and play doh.  The nice part is that it's not a huge mess like normal sand would be - it sticks together, but it still feels like sand and it molds like it would on the beach.  It never dries out and it has some … [Read more...]

Memorial Day Weekend has come and passed and spending 3 days on the beach made me realize I need to new bathing suit!  I've been on the hunt for something new and cute for this season and here's a few I had picked out.  Which one do you like? Loving the Rashguard's available at - great for sun protection and cute!  This Polka … [Read more...]

Hubby called me from the car today while he was driving to a local meeting for work. "I just heard this thing on the radio about kids and how much they forget from school over the course of the summer!  Make sure we get all the books on the kids summer reading list!"  He was all panicked about our boys forgetting everything they learned during … [Read more...]

Only two and a half weeks 'til school lets out for my kids for the SUMMER!  I can't believe it.  And as every Mom can relate, I have that whole mixed bag of feelings going on - relief that I'll no longer have to pack lunches, help with homework and stick to the school schedule but also panic about what to do with them for the entire … [Read more...]

You guys!!!  I am so excited about tonight's Twitter party.  I'm co-hosting for a party for Hershey Park, which my family went to last summer and just LOVED. We had such a fun time in Hershey and everyone said afterwords that we couldn't believe it took us so long to get out to Hershey and to the Park when we live only an hour away in … [Read more...]

Today's post is gonna be a short one.  Sorry for the radio silence folks but I've been busy enjoying the surf & sun in Sea Isle, New Jersey for the last few days!  I'm gonna get myself back into the swing of things today hopefully but wanted to share with you guys two quick new apps that we discovered in the past week and CAN NOT put … [Read more...]

Years ago, I had this cute yellow spring dress. The first time I wore it, I remember I received several compliments on it.  One friend said to me "that color looks great on you! Most people can't pull off yellow but it works for you." I remember laughing and we talked about the color yellow and how a lot of people actually don't wear it. But I … [Read more...]

In the last year or so that I've been working with CVS and been privy to trying some of their Gold Emblem snacks, I've shocked dozens of friends with Gold Emblem snacks and goodies. They are THAT good. Many people don't think, oh hey, I'm going to head to CVS for snacks. But they have an entire line of food and snack items that are not only great … [Read more...]

You can see from the photo that we're a Neutrogena sunscreen family!  Cole (on the right) had a lot of sensitive skin issues when he was younger and I went through tons of brands and different sunscreen lotions before finding one that didn't cause him to break out into an itchy rash. It was only last year that we finally hit the jackpot and found … [Read more...]

I love when I find a good show that I can sink my teeth into.  Although finding one that really hooks me probably isn't good for my work production? My latest is the 4400.  Did you guys watch this show when it was on?  It's totally my kind of show.  It ran on the USA Network from 2003-2007 and it's about 4400 people who have disappeared … [Read more...]