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   If you've thinking of getting a FitBit now that New Years is approaching and along with it, your fitness resolution, check out this current deal from Target.  This ad caught my eye on Facebook today: install their redperks app and you'll receive an automatic coupon for $30 off a purchase of a FitBit in store. The app's just cool … [Read more...]

This is a very easy and addicting snack or little munchie to have out for friends and family on Christmas! It's called Rudolph Chow and you can use it to bring to a friend's house, serve at your house or put out on Christmas Eve and tell your kiddos it's actually a snack for Rudolph. (Be sure to eat your share!) Enjoy! Rudolph … [Read more...]

While I've known about for years and often thought about trying out their service, I had never actually pulled the trigger until this month. I knew I had a swank Christmas party to attend and thought I would plan ahead and give it a shot. And that's the first thing I need to comment - you need to plan ahead. I placed my … [Read more...]

My boys have always been into those books with hidden pictures or where you have to seek and find something on the page. And a couple of years ago, we had tried out an Eye Found It! game from Wonder Forge and have been playing it for years so I'm looking forward to giving Cole (9) this latest Eye Found It! game - Journey Through Time on … [Read more...]

This is it - the gift for that impossible to buy for person on your list:Crazy Aaron's Thinking Putty. I friggin' love this stuff! It's an all-play toy meets office desk that's good for all ages. This isn't your ordinary putty - there are several different kinds and they all do something pretty amazing. For starters, they bounce like … [Read more...]

Whoa... nelly. This new product is awesome. You guys are familiar with International Delight, right? They make tasty coffee creamers. Well they nave a new product - International Delight Hot Chocolate. It's not for coffee at all - it's just straight ol good-fashioned hot chocolate. It comes in both milk chocolate and dark chocolate. How … [Read more...]

This time of year is definitely not the time to hide your smile: the season is jolly and there are going to be lots of photo opportunities in the next two weeks! I hadmy husband Jon testout the Crest Whitestrips. He needed it! And I have to tell you all - I'm mega-jealous of anyone who can use this over the counter product. (I can't; I fell … [Read more...]

This time of year we're usually all about making hot chocolate and snuggling up by the fire but considering that it was a balmy 67 degrees in Philadelphia yesterday, we're just not there yet. Sowith no need for any hot drinks yet, this Copycat Serendipity Frozen Hot Chocolate sounds pretty tasty! Easy too. Check it out: Copycat Serendipity … [Read more...]

Okay so... no judgement: We're not picky drinkers over here in my house. I'm mostly a white wine girl but I'll do the occasional mixed drink. Toss a little tequila in with some fruit juice and whatever else and I'll be your bestie. Same with hubby - and he doesn't discriminate at all. But there's something to be said for getting the perfect … [Read more...]

  Cole had the day off school earlier this weekand was a little bored in the afternoon. We went into the laundry room (aka also craft storage room) and pulled out this Make Your Own Snowglobe kit by Creativity for Kids that someone had given him last year. He proceeded to spend the next two hours making these two cute snow … [Read more...]