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I'm excited about this Twitter party I'm hosting today, you guys. It's with a website called - have you heard of them or shopped with them before? They offer all sorts of products at discounted prices. Basically the items they are selling are returned (but not defective - many new in box) or refurbished. You can get products like this … [Read more...]

While I am NOT generally a fan of the cold weather or the snow, there is ONE and ONLY ONE redeeming thing about the wintertime in my opinion - Skiing! Somehow this cold weather girl is a fan. I married an avid skier so it's a good thing I am. And of course now my boys are very into it as well. We live in Pennsylvania. People are often … [Read more...]

This review was written by guest writer Jen. I have distinct and fond memories of my Strawberry Shortcake doll from my childhood, especially the amazing strawberry smell! When I discovered that this same doll with the same yummy smell could still be purchased today, I was so super excited to get one for my 4 1/2 year old daughter! The classic … [Read more...]

I'm loving my new clutch from Big Buddha. Isn't this a cute little purse for the holidays? The funny thing with the photo is that this is actually the Big Buddha Silver Birdie (not the black and gold, as the picture makes it look). It's really tough to find online but I found it at this cute online shop, Elemental Boutique. They are selling … [Read more...]

There's always that SOMEONE on your holiday gift list who's just a real challenge to buy for. Great Aunt Mary, the bus driver, your kid's teacher this year whose style you just can't figure out. Gift cards are always a crowd pleaser for anyone but if you're looking for something small and elegant that would make a great gift for most women, check … [Read more...]

Remember I shared last month about my new dining room from Raymour & Flanigan? I'm still totally in love with it. And I wanted to share with you guys some of the photos from our Thanksgiving table set! I know it's a week late but better late than never, right? I just ADORED this look. I had 18 guests for Thanksgiving. We put both leaves into … [Read more...]

Toys R Us has named the SkyViper v950 Video Drone as one of it's 2015 Holiday Hot Toys, which is no surprise. I feel like these video drones are HOT HOT HOT for the tech-savvy kid and I have seen a number of kids flying them lately. The Sky Viper Drones are in their 3rd generation and in one word they are just: awesome. This is just an all play … [Read more...]

Like everyone else these days, I'm in a million Facebook groups. I can't even remember which one I was in where I saw this but I remember someone posting something TOTALLY UNRELATED to beauty but the selfie was a picture of a woman with fantastic makeup and skin. So much so that someone asked her what her beauty regime was. One of the … [Read more...]

I put together a list of graphics and coupons for some of my favorite stores who are doing Cyber Monday deals today. Click through on the various banners to get the discounts. Trying to control myself - so many good deals today! I've already bought off Groupon, and Amazon! BESTCYBER for 40% off Banana Republic, Old Navy and … [Read more...]

$40 off $100 on today guys! I just totally took advantage - I've never ordered from there before but have a few holiday partiescoming up this month and thought I would check it out. CYBER MONDAY: Save $40 on $100+ with code RTRCM15 My only gripe was that I had a bit of a time finding a dress that was available in my size but … [Read more...]