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Have you guys heard of Snap Kitchen? It's a healthy take-away chain store - don't have time to make dinner? Hit up your local Snap Kitchen and they have a menu of daily items - food that's already prepared that you can pick up, take home and have ready in minutes by simply heating it up. It's healthy food too - all whole food ingredients and … [Read more...]

Run to your nearest Ulta - this is an awesome deal! My favorite Urban Decay Lipstick is currently on sale 50% off! I paid full price, of course. These are Urban Decay's Revolution Lipstick. It comes in Sheer, Revolution or Matte and is normally $22 but on sale for $11. My shade is Liar, which is currently available in the Sheer but I own it in … [Read more...]

No, I'm not talking about my hair today (although yes, that's going gray too these days. Thank God for highlights!). I'm talking about gray in your wardrobe! It's been a rainy couple of days in Philly and it cooled off too so I went back to wearing pants and some warmer clothes the last day or two. Two items I had just ordered from Nordstrom … [Read more...]

We love this! Did you guys squeal like we did when this hit our inboxes? Athleta is one of our all time favorite stores to shop for so many reasons, so hearing that they've debuted a new line all for girls is just thrilling. Athleta has always been about empowerment and strong women with their clothes so we adore that they are venturing into … [Read more...]

It's been one of those months. Someone asked me how work was lately and I replied, "I'm treading water," which is a perfect description of how I've gotten along lately. Just barely getting it done. I hope to catch up this week and start bringing you guys some more regular posts again soon as it seems to be letting up! So here's what's been … [Read more...]

It's that time of year again! The Kentucky Derby is less than two weeks away and happening the weekend of May 6th. While I'll be down in Disney and not celebrating with any specific Derby party, I ended up shopping online for Derby hats when a friend was asking for some ideas. I was a little sad I didn't have a reason to dress up this year. I'll … [Read more...]

Read anything good lately? I've recently joined a second book club because I love to read so much. I'm always looking for new books and an excuse to drink wine and talk about them. So I've been putting together a list to share with you guys from my want-to-read list on Good Reads. These all come highly recommended either by me, a friend or … [Read more...]

Anybody who knows me, knows I adore scarves. I wear them year round - even in the summer. I think a nice scarf can really complete an outfit and I just love the look of having a long thin necklace with a scarf on top of it. Here's a couple of picks for some scarves that I'm loving for the spring: I was recently at a CAbi party and I fell in … [Read more...]

I recently received an email from a PR rep. She wrote to me pitching me International Nose Picking Day and a product she is working with - Booger Balls. I responded and we joked around about it. She also has boys, so she knew this one would be up my alley. Not the International Nose Picking Day thing - cuz, gross, do we are really have to have … [Read more...]

Since it's finally starting to feel like spring on the East coast, is it any wonder we want to start thinking about the summer and the beach? With a little taste of sunshine and fresh air over the weekend, we're dreaming of 80 degrees and sand between our toes! In honor of the summer dreaming we're doing, we came up with a list of some fun picks … [Read more...]