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Some of my fav everyday bags are from Mixed Bag Designs. If you've been to a Mom Mixer in Philadelphia (social media event), you may have seen some of their bags before. They make adorable print recyclable and reusable bags for the grocery store or everyday use. They've expanded a lot in the last few years and offer regular bags and adorable … [Read more...]

Okay well maybe it wasn't ALL the Lilly Pulitzer dresses but it was enough dresses that I had trouble carrying them all into the dressing room when I was at the store last week. You know those sales girls were just LOOOOOVING me. I was after a couple of dresses for several events I had coming up. Last weekend I had my nephew's graduation party, … [Read more...]

Like everyone else and their mother, I've been caught up in the hustle of end of year schedules the last couple of weeks. Nate is no longer a 6th grader as his last day was Friday. He proceeded to spend the weekend thrilled to start his summer, only to have a mishap at the pool last night and end up with five stitches in his knee. He can barely … [Read more...]

My son Nate got the WORST break out of poison ivy rash earlier this spring. It was pretty early before it had truly gotten warm,but he must have gone romping around in a huge patch of it in our back yard woods because the rash was UP AND DOWN his legs. It oozed and was so swollen that we didn't suspect poison ivy as the cause. It actually took … [Read more...]

World Oceans Day is today, June 8th.Mabel's Labels is celebrating with 50% off Personalized Name Stickers with fish, dolphin, narwhal & whale icons at Mabel's Labels. We love Mabel's Labels and we love marine life so I'm placing an order for my kiddos. We go through about a pack a year and I've used up both my boys packs over the course of … [Read more...]

Summer brings a whole new world of camp, pool time and family travel. We know many of you will be hitting the road with your kiddos this summer and we know that keeping everyone entertained can be torturous at times! We put together a list of some road trip activity ideas to give you some ideas to help your kids pass the time and have fun while … [Read more...]

Some toys are a classic - like a yo-yo. Today is National Yo Yo Day (who knew?!) and we're celebrating by bringing you some photos of Cole playing with some Blazing Team yo-yos over the weekend with some of his buddies. They had all sorts of fun with these and the Blazing Team makes a variety of cool looking yo-yos for kids. They are … [Read more...]

As reported by Common Sense Media, on average, tweens (ages 10-12) are on some sort of device or having screen time an average of 6 hours/day- for teenagers, that number is a staggering 9 hours/day. * SAY WHAT? This number floored me. And this is coming from a tween who is a Minecraft playing/coding/You Tube channeling guru who chooses to be … [Read more...]

It's about this time of year that I start looking up new releases and top downloads on iTunes. Once summer hits, we're road-tripping and traveling-fools and I'm always looking for some download entertainment options for my kiddos. This summer we've have flights to Hawaii and back (from the east coast) so I'll definitely need some good movie … [Read more...]