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The brand new trailer for STORKS is debuting Monday night August 1st. To celebrate, @ClassyMommy and @WhitneyMWS are hosting a Twitter chat with over $1000 in prizing! From the studio that delivered The Lego Movie, now comes STORKS releasing in theaters on September 23rd. Join us to chat about the brand new STORKS trailer and get excited for this … [Read more...]

This is such a cool concept; I'm kicking myself that I didn't think of it! Everyone loves the beach. Memories are made at the beach and wouldn't it be nice to carry or have a little piece of your favorite beach with you every day?Dune Jewelrymakes that possible. They are a beach sand jewelry company. They make custom pieces with sand from YOUR … [Read more...]

Last year, I brought you a review of Zuru's Bunch 'O Balloons. My kids had such a ball with these last year and I've been seeing them all over the place this summer! Not surprisingly, because this is an ingenious and fun toy for kids to play with outside. Zuru Bunch O Balloons are hooked up to a hose and fill up automatically! No more filling … [Read more...]

Oooooh I know. You're all, nooooooo, no back to school posts yet! But listen up Sister, it's the end of July and most definitely time to start thinking about back to school. (Some schools are even starting next week!) Over here, we're still very much in summer mode as we're off on vacation for two weeks next week but I'm also trying to think … [Read more...]

Virtual Runs are the best. I had never heard of one until a couple of years ago. It's basically you signing up and committing to a run - say a 5k, just like you would a race in your local town. Only the Virtual Race usually spans for a period of time and isn't at one particular event time. YOU pick the date, time and place you run. (You usually … [Read more...]

Well hey there. Thinking of adopting a puppy? They're soooooo cute, right? Those little faces. The cuddly fur. The sad puppy dog eyes looking at you just tugging at your soul begging to be taken home and live happily ever in your house? Welcome to your reality check. It's not a bad one. I'm not going to talk you out of it and I'm not going to … [Read more...]

A few weekends ago I spent a day walking up and down Walnut Street in Philly. There are plenty of stores the window shop, or in my case actually shop. One of my favorites is the HUGE Anthropologie right across from Rittenhouse Square. If you can't visit this store make sure you check out online this weekend only for 20% OFF FULL PRICE … [Read more...]

We've had aaaalot of travel time this summer, with only more coming soon with a flight to Hawaii from the east coast. I've definitely been logging some miles on my Kindle too and my summer reading list. I recently re-discovered how to rent a book on my Kindle from my local library so that's awesome and helps with cost as I've been reading a ton. … [Read more...]

Bringing you another review from my trip to New York City last week, check out the Whiffer Sniffer. This is one of reviews what won't do the product justice because you really need to be able to smell it to get the full effect but you guys can imagine. These toys each come with their own scent. I brought a clip-on Blueberry Whiffer Sniffer home … [Read more...]

Do your kiddos play Animal Jam? My guys used to play a few years back and then stopped. This spring, something reminded Cole of the game and he went back on and started playing again. If you're not familiar, Animal Jam is a multiplayer virtual world game by National Geographic. It's cute and fun for all ages but definitely seems to be popular … [Read more...]