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I recently vacationed in New York. Now normally I would be in the city but this time, I relaxed in the middle of nowhere; Schroon Lake. This is what I wore! OUTFIT ONE What I Am Wearing: Urban Outfitters Denim Dress. Similar here. Free People Body Suit. Teva's. Similar Here. OUTFIT TWO What I Am Wearing: Pepper Mayo Jean … [Read more...]

Make your room POP with these dorm decorations. Dorms can be very boring and they all look the same. So this year try some of these ideas to spice up your room and make it personal to you! Door Decal My roommate and I did this last year and we loved it! Its a great way to be able to identify your room from the outside and give … [Read more...]

You guys - this sounds so easy, I am really excited to try this! The following recipe comes from a Mommies with Style Contributor. I love using Essential Oils but mainly use them as diffuser scents. I have been wanting to get more ambitious and start using them in other household items and this recipe for hand soap sounds like a great next … [Read more...]

I know a lot of fiends are over the monthly subscription box service thing but I still just love them. We do a couple on and off include Bark Box and Geek Fuel and I have done several beauty/women's subscription box services over the years. There's something so fun about getting that little surprise box on your doorstep and not knowing what may be … [Read more...]

Believe it or not, summer can be stressful. Working in the King of Prussia mall nearly 40 hours a week can really test your temper. On top of that, the constant pressure to be in your best bikini bod shape really pays a toll physically and mentally. If you're anything like me, relaxing doesn't come easy. I, with help from society, have taught … [Read more...]

Today's post is sponsored by NESTLɮ SPLASH. NESTLɮ SPLASH is purified water with a light splash of sweetness and natural fruit flavor. It comes in 5 awesome flavors: Wild Berry, Lemon, Strawberry Melon, Acai Grape and Mandarin Orange. Each bottle of NESTLɮ SPLASH has zero-calories and zero-sugars so you get all the enjoyment, but none of the … [Read more...]

What do you do about all of your phone's photos? If you're like me, you just keep adding to your Camera Roll with no plan or organized system of any kind. I know at some point, I'm going to run out of space. Picture Keeper is a tiny but powerful option for photo backup - it saves your photos and frees up the space you need on your phone for apps … [Read more...]