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I saw a preview of Finding Dory last May when I was in Florida for a conference. We got to watch the first half hour or so before it was stopped because it was pre-release. I was dying! It was a room full of bloggers and we were all bummed to not see the end. Of course, it shortly after came out in the theater but I never had a chance to see … [Read more...]

Yup. I'm talking-to you - those readers who don't do anything with digital photo storage. I'm going to just presume that's most of you because I don't really know anyone who does do something and organize their digital photos. If you are one of those few, kudos to you! The rest of us take awesome cell phone photos, share and text with friends … [Read more...]

Looking for something beyond the normal candy to hand out on Halloween night? Here's a couple of awesome ideas that the kids are sure to love. No junky spider rings or teeth included. My daughter and her friends love these puzzle erasers. I swear I think I've bought these before for $1 each or more. Amazon has several of them including this … [Read more...]

The perfect holiday gift for the karaoke fan on your holiday gift list: Just Sing by Ubisoft! Available for the Xbox One or Playstation4 - you know this is sure to be a hit on Christmas day after all the gifts are open and you're all looking for something to do with your stuffed bellies and glass of wine. The song list of a mix of current and … [Read more...]

Sunday afternoon's around these parts are not quiet in the fall. We're Eagles fans to the core but also fantasy football players so we love other games too. My boys have caught the bug and that's why we love TeenyMates! These little figures come in packs and we picked out the Collectible Figures Quarterback Gift Set which has a player from … [Read more...]

This is a sponsored conversation written by me on behalf of AmLactin. The opinions and text are all mine. Before I met my husband, I had never heard of Keratosis Pilaris. I actually remember pretty well asking him one day, what are all those little red bumps on the back of your arm? He shrugged and responded he had no clue. He had had them … [Read more...]

We're no longer a minivan driving family but I certainly appreciate and sometimes miss all the perks that comes with driving one. When our kids were small, having a minivan was invaluable and made life on the road so much easier. What I miss the most about not driving a minivan: the space. Hands down, having that extra space for the kiddos is a … [Read more...]

I'm still mourning the end of summer a little but fall at least has some nice perks that make it so I'm not totally mopey about the cooler air. Apple cider, S'mores, jeans & boots are some of my favorite fall goodies... but another staple I only recently embraced again after a couple of days of pouring rain, soup! There's nothing better than a … [Read more...]

Leave it to my bestie Zareen to come up with my new favorite drink. We hung out at her house a week ago and enjoyed the first fire pit of the season. It was just chilly enough when the sun went down that it felt divine to start a fire pit to roast some marshmallows over... and of course enjoy some adult cocktails. Zareen had bought some … [Read more...]

Every year, our parish school does Trunk or Treat. If you aren't familiar, it's an event where you park your car in a parking lot and decorate it for Halloween. The kiddos walk around and Trick or Treat out of the various cars. It's a load of fun and people get really into trying to find cool and fun themes for their cars! Last year, we did … [Read more...]